How To Get Usapyon Racing Gear in Yo-kai Watch Blasters

How To Get Usapyon Racing Gear Tutorial by AbdallahSmash026

This Yo-kai Watch Blasters Tutorial Guide shows how to get Usapyon Racing Gear and details everything you need to know about him for Yo-kai Watch Blasters Red Cat Corps & White Dog Squad on Nintendo 3DS with Abdallah’s family-friendly narration in HD 1080p 60 fps! (These QR Codes and Password may not work outside of U.S.)

How To Get Usapyon Scuba Gear in Yo-kai Watch Blasters

YouTube Source Link: How To Get Usapyon Scuba Gear in Yo-kai Watch Blasters EASY!

Yo-kai Watch Blasters

Take down enemy Yo-kai and Big Bosses using skills and Soultimate Moves with up to 3 other friends*. As you tackle missions, befriend new Yo-kai to amplify your team’s awesomeness.

Train with Sgt. Burly to become the strongest Blasters team there is! As you complete missions, gather Oni Orbs and items to level up or forge equipment to power up your team. Some missions, bosses, and Yo-kai are exclusive to each version. Trade Yo-kai between versions to collect them all! You can befriend all friend Yo-kai from all versions of the YO-KAI WATCH 2 game, boss Yo-kai, plus the all-new Usapyon, Blizzie, and more. Link save data with a version of YO-KAI WATCH 2 to befriend special Yo-kai. Uncover new sides to the story as well as new Yo-kai, bosses, and missions with a post-launch software update! 

  • Team up for action-packed local and online multiplayer for up to 4 players 
  • Strategize with different battle roles: Attacker, Healer, Ranger, and Tank Yo-kai 
  • Embark on a journey with more than 400 new and returning Yo-kai to discover and befriend
  • Complete missions for items and Oni Orbs to forge equipment and level up 
  • Experience different Yo-kai, missions, and bosses depending on the version you play 
  • Unlock the two new Oni Crank-a-kai & Lucky Crank-a-kai for more chances to get hard-to-find Yo-kai/items. 
  • QR Code patterns and Passwords will offer you in-game coins that you can use on the Crank-a-kai.

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