Hasbro speaks on Youkai Watch launch preparation for 2016

Last year, Level-5 has confirmed their partnership with Hasbro in introducing the franchise to the rest of the world. The franchise will be introduced in North America with the launch of its merchandise in 2016.

Jerry Perez, Senior Vice President at Hasbro, has shared his enthusiasm and excitement for preparing their launch for Youkai Watch in the west. After the team of Hasbro discovered how popular and successful Youkai Watch was in Japan, Hasbro flew out to meet with Level-5 in order to introduce the franchise to the world outside of Japan.

Watch the video as the President and Vice President of Hasbro share their excitement for the launching of Youkai Watch to the world in 2016.

Youkai Watch is scheduled to to launch it’s toy line in the west along with the release of monthly release of manga issue published by Viz Media in 2016. Nintendo will be publishing the video game for Nintendo which was recently confirmed by Level-5. No release date was given on the release of the video game in the west.


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