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Zombie Night!

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Series 1-3' started by BakunyanEatDreams!, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. Hello! Since the release of Yo Kai Watch 3, I've been researching into Zombie Night, trying to find pictures of all the enemies like a zombie Snartle or even a zombie Gargaros! Except.. I've been unable to find these, or anything else on Zombie Night, not even on the Wiki! I know the game is new out but we've already got people who have completed the game! So I ask for the help of the community.

    If you have videos, screenshots from the game or pictures, it would be very appreciated if you could post them in a reply to this post. It doesn't just have to be the zombies, screenshots of rare occurrences would be lovely too.

    Thank you!

    ~ Bakunyan
  2. I´m still not very advanced in the game because I love to collect everything :p If I find anything rare I´ll post it :)
    Please add me as a friend so we can trade if we need any yokai :)
    My FC is 1607-8189-5235
  3. Don´t know if you have seen them but the wicked yokais appear in the gates of whimsy (expert room). I also came across Dromp (lvl 30) climbing the school's mast every day :)
  4. i almost got to the top floor but a zombie dimmy like creature got me but i can tell you one thing zombie gargaros is fast at running run straight into the doors to avoid him. And zombie snartle can detect you if your behind him, you need to be beside him- that's how i avoided him. The zombie guard is easy to take head on btw just circle him and move out of his swing. hug to the chairs near the door and to avoid his zoom and he shouldnt see you it takes 10 hits to kill him :p

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