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YW3 Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Series 1-3' started by Krystal, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. For those who have Yo-kai Watch 3, certainly there's some yo-kai you're looking for. Whether it's to get version exclusives, unlock legendaries, or the crank-a-kai is just MASSIVELY stubborn at giving you that yo-kai you want, this is the thread for you.

    To make things simple, I created a request format.

    (Some people may be willing to let you borrow a certain yo-kai to unlock a legendary but may request that they be given back. Please specify for simplicity!)

  2. Seeking:
    Any yokai that help get legendary Yokai including the one's that unlock the sushi legendary
    Offering: Random yokai
    Friendcode: 4055-8785-2380
    Keeping/Borrowing: Borrowing
  3. Hey Hunter if you are available i can help you with getting the sushi legendary and shogunnyan and dandoodle here is my friend code: 5129-5187-7369 reply when you can! :p
  4. thanks I'll add you right now
  5. Anyone here that has yo kai watch 3 tempura or sukiyaki? I just started but if you need any sushi exclusives I can hook you up when I get them. My fc is 3067-9638-6838
  6. Seeking: Right.Zazel, Hinozall Awoken, Umbral Enma, Infinate Enma, Solar Enma, Enma Awoken. [TT]
    Offering: Gemnyans, American Legends, Treasure Gods [TT only!]
    Friendcode: 4013-0104-5983 -Razzmatazz-
    Keeping/Borrowing: Smogmella, Count Cavity, Beelzebold, Q'wit, Statiking, Damona, Starry Noko, Fitwit.
    [These are mine don't steal]

    Pm me when your available, remember im adt timezone. ~
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    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
  7. Seeking: Snow Spect-hare (at lv.1 at best)
    Offering: Clodzilla
    Friendcode: 1736-1057-9663
    Keeping/Borrowing: keep
  8. Seeking: Right.Zazel, Hinozall Awoken, Umbral Enma, Infinate Enma, Solar Enma, Enma Awoken, Yokai to unlock legendary.
    Offering: Tenguriginal, Thurston, Gemnyans, Fruitnyans.
    Friend code: Please PM me for it
    Keeping/Borrowing: Can be both. I would like to keep
  9. LF: Starrynoko
    FT: Devas, Legendaries, and etc, any Yokai!

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