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YO-KAI WATCH English Dub Discussion | OT | Season 2 HYPE!

Discussion in 'Yo-Kai Watch Anime/Movie' started by BluePikmin11, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Does it have CN Asia with the signpore dub or is it just Cartoon Network with the us shows
  2. Man, I am going to make one heck of a review for this show's English dub and I have found the perfect place to post it when I do that.
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  3. That part tripped me up, like when I first saw it my reaction was "...Okay something's up." It was just so jarring seeing the scene with the edit, because there was just no indication that he was hurt??
    So out of curiosity I quickly looked up an upload of the original ep and I couldn't tell what surprised me more, expecting the bullet wound to be small only to be freaking huge, or the fact it got edited at all, because you'd think it was just cartoonishly exaggerated enough to warrant not editing? Though I will admit, even with the cartoon elements, some of the scenes like Komasan being seen through the wound was kind of messed up @w@;;

    Speaking of the Springdale Five-Yo episodes, Komasan's voice has been really distracting with the new season, his voice just sounds altered to a higher pitch than what felt normal in season 1. :confused: I don't know if I'm supposed to chock it up to the amount of time his VA wasn't doing voicework after season 1 and they're gradually trying to get back into character for season 2 or not. If that makes sense??
  4. brent did a great job voicing count zapaway, "there is no remote so there no tv" --count zapaway
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  5. Yeah i can definitely hear a difference in Komasans voice this season. I though it was just me.
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  6. its the same voice actor , plus i didnt notice any difference in the voice
  7. Yes i know its the same voice actor lol but just like cel phone said. I can definitely hear a difference in her voice this season. A bit higher of a pitch.
  8. huh, I never really noticed any changes so far this season, but thinking of it now I can kinda see what you guys mean. I might have to rewatch some episodes though to compare the difference.
  9. Yeah its not a big deal. She still plays a awesome Komasan.
  10. she does! I love the way she plays Komasan, he's such a cutie.:p
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  11. you can rewatch them on my website mewtwo7778TV i have all of season 2 that has aired so far uploaded on there as well as all of season 1
  12. thanks for the tip:D
  13. Yeah, listening to Komasan's voice in the last S1 episode & a S2 episode side-by-side would hopefully show what I mean about Komasan sounding a bit more high-pitched this season @o@

    I think it's also the context on when we last heard Komasan that makes the voice change feel funny for me, personally.
    Like by the end he has a sense of growth as a character; he experienced love, and we also see the growth symbolically when he says he's beginning to like coffee, A drink usually associated with adulthood, and which he did not like when the miniseries first started o: So to hear him sound even more "babyish" than ever because of the extra high pitch, again feels really funny to me.
    BUT I know that while there can be a sense of continuity in certain aspects of the series, most aspects of the miniseries (Five-Yo) focuses on comedy and aren't exactly gonna do callbacks to character development in other series (Komasan in Love).
    That's just my own personal take on it. o:
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  14. Personally, I hate the english dub which is common in anime for younger audiences mostly because companies are overprotective to them to the point that does more harm than good. And is a shame that this one suffered too.

    First of all, the casting all sucks. Keita doesn't sound like a child his age which I also refuse to call him Nate since for a name change is pretty generic as well as lazy. Jibanyan needed effort to sound at least like a feline. Nice try on the southern accent on Komasan but lacks a sense of softness and innocence. Whisper is the only one that at least nails the character.

    I hate most of the name changes, especially on yokai based on real cultural deities like Orochi and Hanako proving the company's laziness and unwillingness of research making this an insult to their culture. And there is no excuse to say that this is to avoid cultural barriers because showing foreign stuff opens the possibly of exploration.

    And also I despise the edits to make it "family friendly". As an artist, I find that demeaning to a work. And when something is sanitized like that, I consider this no better than tyrants.

    So sorry, I will stick with the japanese version. I am actually sad how the English version of this cool series is butchered.
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  15. Hold up. Let me say a few things about what you said

    First of all, Keita is a common boys name in Japan. Nate is a common boys name in the West. I see no issue with changing some of the character's names. Just because Jibanyan doesn't say "nyan" or "meow" after every sentence doesn't mean that he does not sound like a cat. Keep in mind, Jibanyan IS a male. I 100% disagree with your opinion on Komasan's Voice. The South-Western accent is perfect. Sure, i do think that "monge" is better then "oh my swirls!" But not one says "Amaze!" in the West. (There is a reason why he doesn't say monge. Look at the South Eastern dub of the series.

    So Kyubi's name was changed? Though I have to agree with some of the name changes. It's odd how we can have Jibanyan and Komasan, but not Orochi and some of the Classic Yokai names. But for the must part, most yokai's names are based off puns. So they HAVE to change them in order for them to work.

    A: Blame the Japanese for have lax standards for TV then in the West.
    B: Most of the edits were approved by the creators of the anime, this ain't 4Kids after all.
    C: Even then, I doubt that the changes where "demeaning" to the artists. The core of the series is still the same.
    D: Changes DOES NOT EQUAL Cenorship!
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  16. Well, it was a while in the making, but I finally finished my review of the Yo-kai Watch English dub.

    Now, let me just start off by saying that I love the Yo-Kai Watch franchise. I thought the first game was great, I'm really enjoying the second one, and I love the anime. It's charming, fun, and I heavily enjoy it. So I hate the fact that I have to say I absolutely hate the English Dub of the anime. I feel it does nearly everything wrong, and I frankly think it's one of the worst dubs I've ever seen.

    First, I want to note that I do like some aspects of the English dub. First off, I think Johnny Yong Bosch as Keita sounds really good. Sure, he may sound a little bit too old for the voice of an eleven year old, but I think he does the character justice. But this is Johnny Yong Bosch we're talking about. Of course he's going to sound good. He's been in so many anime, so he knows his stuff. Also, I really like the translated endings. They didn't go and replace it with some trashy original song (I'll get to the opening later), and the singing sounds on par with the original Japanese. So good on you.

    As for things I find just ok at best, Whisper and Jibanyan’s voices don't sound that bad to me. I'd go as far as saying Whisper sounds good, and Jibanyan's voice is pretty ok too. They could have definitely chosen much better voice actors, but I can live with these. One thing that always bugs me though is the fact that they pronounce Ji-Ba-Nyan as Ji-Ban-Yan. It's more of a nitpick, but I wanted to mention it.

    Time for the bad stuff now, and oh boy, there's a ton of that. For starters, the Swampy Marsh opening is utter garbage. It sounds like they got some random guy off the street, asked him to sing this, and just autotuned the heck out of it. The lyrics aren't the worst thing in the world, but the vocals, the music, and the fact that the opening just consists of clips from the show is just awful. The worst part is that they originally used a translated Geragera Po, and while the lyrics for that were just… something else (“More Yokai than taters in Idaho.” “Like Cheeksqueek and his popo.” What?), the song was still great. Them going and completely changing it to a completely worse version was a huge kick to the butt. Swampy Marsh has made some great songs in Phineas and Ferb, and the songs for Milo Murphy’s Law is pretty good too, so why did this one go so wrong? And why do they still use it?

    Another thing I dislike is the localizing and some of the writing that comes with it. Usually, I consider the writing to be pretty decent, and some of the jokes they add make me chuckle at time. The thing I hate is when they go and try to make the show “cooler” and more “modern” by adding pop culture references or hip urban lingo. When they reference things like Lady Gaga or a selfie stick, or put in words like “cray cray” or “pwned”, it loses a bit of its timelessness and universal appeal. It comes off as them trying too hard to appeal to “da kidz” and only ever succeeds in making me cringe. Also they tend to change or remove things they deem inappropriate, which sometimes makes moments less funny than in the original. For example, in the Pandle/Buyojinbou episode, when Fumi tells Keita his fly is open, the original Japanese episode has a bright shine shine from his crotch which made that moment so much funnier than it would have been. In the English dub, this moment is removed and just has Keita looking embarrassed, which is nowhere near as funny. Aw come on.

    I also just want to point out that the lip syncing is some of the worst I've ever seen. I feel like they just record the lines and hope it somewhat matches up with the mouth movement. There are times when a character will have their mouth move like three times before they say anything, or they'll finish a sentence and have a few lip flaps after that. It looks like a bad fandub at lots of times. The dub premiered in 2015. Those problems should not still be existent.

    You know what, I could have been able to forgive all that. I wouldn't have cared if there were changing everywhere and had a trash theme song, as long as the voice acting was good. But it really isn't. It was mismanaged as heck, and put in the hands of the completely wrong people. The voice director for this dub is David H. Steinburg. The problem here is he has had no prior history with doing casting for anime. One of the only pieces of animation he casted for was Space Racers. What in the world is Space Racers you ask? It was an educational cartoon about talking planes aimed for 3-6 year olds. What made anyone think it would be a good idea to give him the reins for this dub? It was a horrible misstep, and it's one that shows from the quality and quantity(or lack thereof) of the dub. I'm just going to be frank. Aside from the ones I mentioned before, the majority of the characters’ voices range from mediocre to bad to abysmal.

    If you look up the voice actors for this dub, you'll see that Johnny Yong Bosch is the only one in this cast that has lots of anime experience. The rest of them don't, and you can tell. Fumi and Kanchi’s voices really sound out of place for kids like them and they sound really bland and flat most of the time, especially Kanchi's voice. But, I gotta say, the award for worst voice definitely goes to Kuma. It sounds like they went for the cartoonishly stupid type of voice, but that really doesn't work for Kuma since he isn't a dumb character. There's no reason for him to have this horrible sounding voice, and I dread whenever he says anything. Another voice I consider nearly as bad as Kuma’s is Keita’s dad. Just listen to it. He sounds like what no man should ever sound like. Keita’s mom doesn't sound atrocious, but her voice just sounds really flat and I'm not a huge fan. Eh, could be worse.

    As for the Yokai, a lot of them sound really bad too. I kinda like what they tried to do with Komasan by giving him a southern accent, and I think it sorta works at times, but most of the time, it's just annoying. Blazion’s constant roaring sounds really… throaty. Hearing it as just yells isn't awful, but just imagining that voice with actual words makes me groan. Also I don't know why he doesn't say “Blaze” instead of roaring. In the game, he says “Blaze” so I don't know. Moving on, Kyubi sounds way too much like a girl and not flamboyant enough. Manjimutt sounds way more goofy than he should, and his voice is not as deep as I think it should be.

    The less frequent Yokai vary. Some sound ok. Some sound goodish. Some sound bad. A few that really stick out to me as really bad are Cricky, Kappa, Matenshi, Spoilerina and Sebastian. A lot of others just sound the same, probably due to their lack of voice actor quantity.

    Believe it or not, I would argue that some of the worst voices are actually the background characters. It feels like they put absolutely no effort into them at all. Their voices either sound ridiculous or just wrong and the performances overall just feel super phoned in for them.

    Another problem with the voice actors is there aren't nearly enough of them, especially for a show like this. They only have like 6 and they reuse them constantly. For a show that introduces a new Yokai pretty much every episode, the recycling sounds glaringly obvious a lot of the time. Now I get that nearly every show reuses voices sometimes, but the sheer lack of quantity in this dub is extremely jarring.

    I've been told on YouTube comments and the like something like “It's for kids. They won't care.” That is the worst reasoning for any of the dub’s problems. Just because it's for a younger demographic doesn't mean they should put in less effort into their production. Plenty of anime aimed at kids have had good dubs with great voice acting, like Doreamon or Tenkai Knights.

    Overall, I can't truthfully say I like this dubbing. After watching so many good ones, and there are a lot of good English dubs, I just saddens me to see how disappointing this one turned out to be. I really wish I could like what they produced. Unfortunately, due to the many mistakes they made, I just can't enjoy it. On the bright side, I still have the games and the English subbed anime.

    In my ideal world, Yo-Kai Watch would have been dubbed by Studiopolis. They've done things like Naruto, Bleach, and modern Sonic as well as kids shows like Digimon, Tenkai Knights, and Blue Dragon. In my ideal world, these characters would be voiced by professionals well acquainted with voicing anime characters. These would be my ideal voice actors. Time to make myself sad because I know there's no chance of this ever happening.

    Keita- Johnny Yong Bosch
    Whisper- Wally Wingert
    Jibanyan- Cherami Leigh
    Fumi- Stephanie Sheh
    Kuma- Travis Willingham
    Kanchi- Ben Diskin
    Keita’s Mom- Cindy Robinson
    Keita’s Dad- Travis Willingham
    Manjimutt- Kirk Thornton
    Walkappa- Todd Haberkorn
    Roughraff- Patrick Seitz
    Komasan- Kate Higgins
    Komajiro- Colleen O’Shaughnessey
    Blazion- Todd Haberkorn
    Hidabat- Melissa Fahn
    Orochi- Yuri Lowenthal
    Kyubi- Laura Bailey
    Sgt. Burly- Kyle Hebert

    Just for the heck of it
    Movie Characters
    Keizo- Vic Mignogna
    Fuyunyan- Johnny Yong Bosch

    King Enma- Bryce Papenbrook
    Nurarihyon- Liam O’Brien
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  17. Well done review @BandannaWaddleDee !
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  18. @BandanaWaddleDee let me just take something from another forum I'm on and say I "Respectably Disagree"

    While I do agree that there should be more voice actors and about the opening, there are something I have to disagree with

    David H. Steinburg has more experience then you think. Sure, he hasn't done many Animation Shows on TV, but he does have many years of Comedy under his belt.

    Komasan's southern voice mostly has to do with how country accents in the US are. So it's kind of unfair to judge his voice because of how American's usually think of "Country Accents"

    Yo-kai Watch is BASED on Pop culture references so they do have to change some to fit with Western Audiences. Also, OF COURSE Pop Culture references will be dated over time, it's how it works.
  19. Originally, I couldn't actually watch the movie because I didn't have the money, so we missed it, so we were pleased to see it was airing on Disney XD. Y'know, I'm gonna inclued spoiler's, so if you haven't seen the movie, look away. So, let's do it! ;) How should I start...? Well, the voices and comedy are wonderful. I personally thought they'd mess us Hovernyan a lot more than they did. In fact, they didn't mess him up at all. The only messed up character is grandma, due to her voice. It sounds way to old. :eek: Otherwise, the comedy is diffidently the spotlight. :wishpgrin: Not a doubt about it. Kumomon is a pretty good joke, and I was surprised to here that he actually makes noises, not that I'm complaining. The animation is really smooth, too! It makes me wonder what'll happen if they do the 2nd movie in English.:jibtongue: I do think they could've done a better voice for Nathaniel, not that it's necessarily bad, but... On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that for Butchinyan's voice, they combined the voices of Jibanyan and Whisper, which was a surprisingly good combination.:komaoops: While you can here Jibanyan for the most part, you can here Whisper well when Butchinyan is ending saying "Flurry of Furry." 10/10. Emmy. A+. Rank S? Long-stroy short, this movie is worth your time!
  20. 1. But he has no anime experience whatsoever. He has no right directing this dub.
    2. I don't dislike the voice because of the accent. I dislike it because of the voice itself.
    3. No, it's based on folklore, not pop culture.

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