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Yo-kai Watch 3 localization confirmed!

Discussion in 'Fandom' started by Black Omochao, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. We've got confirmation of Yo-kai Watch 3 localization! For both America, and Europe!

    Okay, first of all: Hype! Obviously!

    I was honestly expecting this, since I didn't think Level 5 would go through the trouble of localizing a spin-off like Busters/Blasters if they weren't already planning on localizing the next mainline game, but I didn't expect it's announcement this soon!

    Though, I am curious on how they are going to handle the whole 'moving to the US' angle the game has. They could just have Nate move to another city I suppose and have the language problem be more of a dialect one, or they could have him move to a different country. Though, I kind of hope they just retcon Springfield being in the US and just have him move from Japan... like that would ever happen.

    Don't know yet if they're giving us Sushi and Tempura, or if they're just skipping to Sukiyaki, but either way I'm excited we're finally getting them!
  2. I certainly hope that the rumors of a super version of Yokai watch 3 Is coming instead of 3 games. Which i think is smart it would sell better if it included everything Japan has already with the treasure update at the end of the year or 2020 perhaps. I was team Sukiyaki so this is good news rumor or not hype is real. ~

    LOL it be funny if they made Sukiyaki post game only >:3
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  3. You know, I'd probably be okay with that. They'd probably let you transfer your data from your first save file over like you can for Moon Rabbit Crew. They could also make the Sukiyaki stuff an update, though I'd prefer they just include it all from the beginning.

    I agree that it would be smarter to just release one complete version of Yo-kai Watch 3 as opposed to three games at this point, like it or not, support for the 3ds probably won't be going for much longer. If they released Sushi and Tempura first, I'd honestly be worried if we'd even get Sukiyaki.

    If all goes well we could get Yo-kai Watch 4 by 2020, though that may be an optimistic estimate.

    Also, on the subject of what they're going to do with Nate moving to the USA: I think they might actually keep that, has the game ever actually referenced the characters being in the US? I think that may have just been an anime thing now that I think about it, and the anime doesn't have Nate moving so it's not an issue there.

    The anime removed references to 'merican' yo-kai, but Blasters kept it with USApyon still being referred to as a 'merican' yo-kai. Also, in the quest with Momonyan, Kitaronyan and Odysseynyan, they're arguing about being 'Japan's best.' Also, at the end of the credits Nate is looking at a magazine that says 'USA,' which is clearly Yo-kai Watch 3 foreshadowing, you'd think if they intended to change the plot, they'd change that as well.

    So they may just keep the plot Nate moving from Japan to the USA, though I could be wrong, I think the evidence lines up.
  4. In case you didn´t see it yet this is the European cover for YW3, it´s gonna be only one edition so pretty sure USA will get only one too.
    I love the cover but I would have put the KK brothers (Koma Knomads here) also :(
    I wonder what merchandise are they going to release to support the game :? maybe the Dream Watch :D
    But USA didn´t get the U model so I don´t have high expectations T-T
    It release on December 8th in Europe (and I´m getting this version at launch digital then on february the physical american edition).
    Is someone going to buy the European edition? :)
  5. I love their new Koma Knomads names lol~ But in-tune... is just horrible not to mention salty bacon. I'd prefer his name to be the baconator.

    We never got the zero watch only the original i sure hope someone good takes over the merchandies i want more medal moments to collect :D

    I'd wanna purchase the european version but that would cost about 100 to get it over with shipping so I can patiently wait for Feb, let's just hope it arrives on the launch to Canada as well. The physical yokai blasters is no where to be found down here still since they ordered it in September. >.<
  6. I was going to buy Blasters at launch but couldn´t and I haven´t buy it yet :/ but it´s true that it is nowhere to be found :(
    Nintendo needs to support more the franchise T-T
    Psychic Specters is also imposible to get physical ( I bought it digital for Machonyan :p )
  7. I cant wait!
  8. i only know this because of yo-kai watch wiki. the summoning app is gone.

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