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YO-KAI WATCH 2 Psychic Specters | OT | Relaxing in Gera Gera Resort

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Series 1-2' started by BluePikmin11, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Discuss the recently released YO-KAI WATCH game with tips, secrets, and online trading as well here! How do you guys like the game so far?
  2. I'm liking the new game quite well. I already picked up Illuminoct after 2 harrowing boss battles with Teastroyer [the Tanuki] and the Engine room Yo-kai on the Hexexpress. That was all I could get to so far. I got Yo-kai Watch 1 and 2 confused in my head and it seems you can buy more medication (reviving medicine) at a pharmacy in Blossom Heights. Is this correct?

    I plan to play through *all* of the post-game and enjoy Mystery Way for the first time. So pumped for this.
  3. It took me over 30 tries to finally befriend the blue ONI. It was brutal.
    I’m interested to hear if anyone who has fought Kabuking, do they think Kabuking was harder than Kats Kradyle?
  4. Just wanted to post some tips in here. Mostly Link~ Stuff.

    Linking all 3 Games gives you the Butterfly Key. Which unlocks Orcanos, Moximous N & K [Gender Locked]
    Butterfly Mystery Coins - Can give you these 3 Gemnyans; Dianyan, Emenyan, Sapphinyan
    Linking Specters With Fleshy gives you the Deer Key. Unlocks Ogralos and the Deer Mystery coin can give you Topanyan.
    Linking Specters with Bony gives you the Boar Key. Unlocks Gargaros and the Boar Mystery coin can give you Rubinyan.
    Also transferring your data, The special digital -Sailornyan, and Robonyan F bells will carry over so they will show up in Specters.
    Digital PS gives you daily Machonyan. :D

    The blasters also add 3 new bosses. Fleshy gives Hardy Hound. Bony gives Rubeus J. And Psychic Specters gives Hinozall.

    That's all i can share ^.^ Sorry for potential spoilers?
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  5. wait it gives you komasan s and jibanyan s?
  6. No sorry the oni update 2.0 does thanks for saying that i needed an edit lol~ Exclusives to bony and fleshy.
  7. I was wondering if someone could help me with one favor and a few quests in Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters.


    The collection Correction (some items to display from a bunch of different places, all locations/items), A Real Charmer (all locations of the 10 Kyubi/Love Orbs), Legendary Legacy (where to find Smashibull), and A Legend's Loco Motive (where to find Shogunyan's first station).


    Rascally Habit (where to find a Lizard)
  8. ((Sorry for bumping it/double-posting.))


    The collection correction ((I'm just missing The Hero Cutout Exhibit)), A Real Charmer ((I'm just missing one Kyubi/Love orb)), Cap'n Crash...'n' Burn ((How to change the weather at sea so that it goes to rainy to sunny during the day)), Independent Study, Part 3 ((How to change the weather of Old Springdale to rainy at nights)).
  9. there is baffle bords at mount middleton summit, they require Drizzelda and Ray O,light. they make it sunny and rainy
  10. @Heheheel You get the Hero Cutout exhibit by completing 3 of Bear's request. Yokai you will need: Mochismo, Nekidspeed, Supoor Hero
  11. Thank you so much!! How do I get Supoor Hero?
  12. No problem yw, and evolve Lodo -lv 28 <3
  13. I really love all the new locations and quests that tell you more about some of the Yo-kai backstory! Definitely glad I my sister gave me this version as a gift eheh <3
    Only thing is after playing a lot Bony Spirits and as I was finishing up with the Inferno and Paradise part I went ahead and imported my saved data from BS to PS and honestly I'm seeing some confusing things that seem to be bugs and I really wish I could find more info about it around but no help so far. Did any of you encountered issues with exclusive Yo-Kai from the version you owned before not showing after importing the saved data to PS? :(
  14. I did have a bug with Wondernyan, I cound´t fight him in PS. I already have him but you cant in PS,at least me :p

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