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Which is your favorite medal style?

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Medals' started by Lynn, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. I personally love the comic book style of the Merican medals and the super nice colorful art of the Dream Medals! I personally hate the hexagon pattern in the classic, Z and U medals. The Busters medals are really dynamic and nice as well!
  2. I just recently discovered the Dream Medals and they are absolutely gorgeous.

    I adore the normal Medal style too; they are all so nicely illustrated.
  3. the art on the original medals looks nice but right now i really love the dream medals! just ordered 2 boxes of series 1 and i might get a box of series 2 when they're out. unfortunately they're pretty expensive.
  4. I really like the merican medals and the song medals. The song medals are very cool to look at and I love how the merican medals are in a comic book style.
  5. the Dream medals look gorgeous, I'd go with those. but I appreciate the medal designs across the whole series, all of them look cool in their own way.
  6. My personal favorite are the Busters medals. I absolutely love the art style and the sparkly black frame. I recently ordered two boxes of them. Hopefully they arrive soon!
  7. A three way tie between Meriken, Dream and B Medals since I do love the approach that they got going for it
    The comic style for the Meriken Medals the Casino style for the dream medals and the very dramatic artstyle for the B Medals.
  8. I like the Busters medals the most. They just seem darker and therefore a little cooler. The Merican medals are cool too, they look bright and fun to me.
  9. My favorite would be the classic medals. Not only do I really like the red border, I also really like the old Japanese scroll style of artwork
  10. The Dream and Busters medals both have really cool artstyles to me, but I think my current favorites are the medals for the newest watch in Japan, the Black watch!


    Somehow they manage to perfectly balance scary and goofy, I love them. <3
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  11. my fave has to be the dark medals, i dont know why but i just like them.
  12. Classic, they look super sweet! :p
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  13. My favorite medals are the rainbow Oni crank- a kai medals there art is simply wonderful. Especially the Buchinyan medal.:D:)( [​IMG]
  14. #best medal ever!:cool2:
  15. The original;)
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  16. I adore the dark yokai medals :D There so much fun~
  17. I only have about 6 medals but the model zero has a place in my heart as I got it from this site
  18. Komajiro3524,they're called b medals.
  19. i'd liked them all(minus black but exclude noko) but i'm just here to say is there a dream medal of wobblewok

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