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U.S.O./Failian toy wanted!

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Merchandise' started by 'nono, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. I saw a video in which someone in Japan won a cute l'il Failian phone strap/charm from a claw machine.
    ( A U.S.O. catcher, maybe? ;D )

    Here's a rather blurry screencap taken from the video thumbnail:

    From what I can tell, these l'il guys are probably rare. I've ran some searches on ebay and amazon, and have so far found none. :confused:

    I'm wondering if anyone knows any sites that might have these dorks in stock, or good places to check.
    Thank ya. .u.
  2. I found him on Japanese Amazon! If you do some quick Google searches for the Japanese names, you can also search for other rare Yokai Watch merch there. International shipping isn't always cheap, but sometimes buying stuff directly from Japan is cheaper than off of American sellers.

    Here is a good resource for placing an order through Japanese Amazon as well, though it only accepts credit cards right now for international customers. I've never done it myself, but the instructions look really easy!
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  3. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! :oops:
  4. I haven't forgotten about this!
    It's been over a year, but while it's not the specific Failian toy, I did find a Failian medal on Ebay for less than 5 bucks! Might be worth considering. :>

    EDIT: Found another one! They're both Japan-only, but at least it's SOME merch of this good fake alien pal.
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