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The Tribes! What Tribe Did You Pick and Why?

Discussion in 'Introduce!' started by JibJab, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Actually,illuminoct belongs to the brave tribe.
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  2. Oh. That is bad :(
    But, thanks! U-U
  3. even though my favourite yo kai ia lie-in heart [so far...] i would give up alot to have the power to heal :3
  4. I chose mysterious because the first yo kai i liked was kyubi and his forms even though I thought he was a girl
  5. Shady in japanese is Usurakage
  6. I picked charming because I LOVE THORNINYAN
  7. I meant what that translates to.
  8. I also think that charming has the cutest yokai
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  9. I identify with my boys Wydeawake and Allnyta on a spiritual level.

    Including the two of them, the majority of my favorite yokai (Nurarihyon, Matenou, Gorgeous-taishi) are all Shady! And need I even mention Hi no Shin? :komablush:
  10. Honestly I picked shady because of what the wikia i found says about yo-kai from that tribe. It says: "Shady Yo-kai tend to be the more amoral of all Yo-kai, and their effects tend to negatively impact humanity the most." While I'm not amoral in the slightest, If i were a yo-kai , my inspiriting effect would probably be pretty negative
  11. I love Noko. Plus I see slippery as on of the best tribes in the game.
  12. I chose charming. Because baddinyan is my favorite yo-kai.
  13. I chose charming because komajiro is in charming and he is my favorite yokai.
  14. In real life I feel like I belong to the heartful tribe
  15. Brave because who doesn't like the adorable Shogunyan? I mean he looks like he could be in charming
  16. so did I.
  17. i would have chosen wicked if it were available,but it's not,so i chose hagure.
  18. I chose Charming because I took a "which Yo-kai tribe are you quiz" ::lol:
  19. Chooses shady because i love the tribe as a whole mainly nul and as you see my icon wobble wok
  20. Heartful because that's the tribe I am as the yo-kai Smartos.

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