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The Official Wibble Wobble Friend Code Sharing Thread

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble' started by BluePikmin11, Aug 27, 2016.

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  1. I’ve been around the game for a bit,but im still a little rusty...and i still got no friends on it....If you dont mind adding me, my friend code is yrgnx2af . Name is Boss Mc. I try to play daily.
  2. I need spirits!!!

    I am active!

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  3. hello! i can't be very active in my game (due to school) but my friend code is: qa1saewb. my name is "Little Daikon". :0
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  4. hello! i edited my original post and changed my friend code. my friend code was changed due to some annoying storage problems..and it has been changed to: qa1saewb.
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  5. Add me Friend code is: kau8lbcg
    I send out wisps every day multiple times. Active player
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  6. My friend code is pkrgutsk
    I play daily.
  7. My friend code is pkrgutsk
    I play daily.
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  8. I'm on almost every day add me my code is hkjfnkll
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  9. Yo. Pretty much active daily add me please I will send spirit friend code is cc1glvwj
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  10. my friend code for wibble wobble is cxucnzp3
  11. Hey everyone, everybody wants to complete the whole Whisper event right? Well it takes a ton of spirit, so let’s add each other to make sure we can all get that new SS rank!
  12. Can u guys add me my FC is f2mr3u8l
  13. Can I get some help with something ? for some odd reason every single time I try to add friends it says "not found" what should I do ?
  14. Add please gmawi8jc
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  15. Add my code please gmawi8jc
  16. Hey guys
    PLEASE add me , i have 0 friends and i want to try and do this event as well as get some spirits !
    My friend code is - kmtzmfif
    Thanks in advance ! Lets kill it out there lol
  17. Please add me as friend. I play everyday. l0k18q8z
  18. Mine is 8iw6o4p2
  19. Hello! :3
    I play wibble wobble every day, I hope you'll add me as a friend!
    My friend code is: 3t8khkay
  20. I play Wibble Wobble most of the time. My friend code is tb2n4zp5.
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