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The Official Wibble Wobble Friend Code Sharing Thread

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble' started by BluePikmin11, Aug 27, 2016.

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  1. Share your friend code in YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble here. So you can get some spirits and make lots of progress in the game!

    *Note: Before you share your code, make sure you connect your account to YO-KAI WATCH Land if you plan on connecting the two apps for medal usage. Otherwise, people will steal your code to connect their account to yours.
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  2. Hi guys! I'm usually on Wibble Wobble daily, so feel free to add me! My friend code is: fpt14yki
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  3. my code is: y07ncgot
    adding you, nico!
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  4. my code is 62r1xujx I send out spirit daily!
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  5. My code is oth0dt84. Feel free to add me.
  6. This is my player code! r1i7rvfk
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  7. Mine is 5gjo85oe
  8. Here is my friend code wx7snrep

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  9. Here's my code! Feel free to add me~ I'll try to send spirits as much as I can.​

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  10. Sent
  11. I haven't been playing Wib Wob as often as I used to, but I still play it time to time and send spirits.

    My code: m49spm6x
  12. I am playing Wibble Wobble everyday but I am stuck on #102 in Shopper's Row and I am trying to Evolve Tattletell and Noko at the same time but I only have 1021 Y Money and only 5+5 Spirit any way to get More Spirit and more Y Money in Wibble Wobble? Cant add anymore Friends I have max of 20 and not going to do the Level Up Missions to get more Friends or Should I!?
  13. the should consider adding a send all button for sending spirits to your friends,as for my wibwob code i cant give it as im full , maybe if they increase the friend list past 30 ill reconsider
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  14. is spending $80 a good thing on Wibble Wobble I can only do it 1 time only?
  15. yes spend money cause youll need to spend $1000 for pandanoko
  16. You actually have to spend somewhere around $800 for Pandanoko
  17. [​IMG]heres the spending chart on how much each level costs
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  18. my friend code is ycr4i9ld
    I play daily!
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  19. Please ADD me, I had to restart the game so need to catch up!! Code: v1bxpg4o

    Thanks! I also added some of you :)
  20. I ALWAYS PLAY and I am pretty tired of running out of spirit so here is mine and make sure your active
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