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Subs for episodes 113 and on

Discussion in 'Yo-Kai Watch Anime/Movie' started by BandanaWaddleDee, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Is anyone able to find these episodes with English subtitles? I've been wanting to watch these episodes for months now, but there have been no subs. I can't watch it raw because I don't speak Japanese and the wait has been excruciatingly. Has anyone found English subs for these episodes yet?
  2. While I am not sure if they have been subbed yet have no fear. If my memory serves correct my friends are going to sub the upcoming episodes. Whether or nlt they have done it yet,that I do not know
  3. I believe mongeesubs has no intentions to sub yo-kai watch anymore, so we've been at a halt since 112. Yo-kai Watch is a really repetitive anime though so you can probably figure out most of what is happening with context anyways.
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  4. Thwy dont. Where did you hear this
  5. Maybe it's a rumor, but I've seen people say this on many occasions whenever the subject of YW subs is brought up.
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  6. I seee
    Well it makes sense for rumors like that
  7. For a side, those people are right. YW anime is indeed a simple-guided cartoon and most of the times, you don't really need it subbed to understand what's going on. I'm not surprised there's hesitation to keep on.
    Besides, people have the right to stop subbing anytime as, in the very end, it's just a hobby.
  8. Welp, it's now nearing 30 not subbed episodes. I've been missing out on around 30 episodes of the anime.
  9. I heard mongeesubs is too busy playing FF14 to sub :') which is totes fine but gosh I sure hope someone else pics it up the people are dying here
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  10. Agreed, I only watch the sub, as prefer the jokes and characters. Hoping someone picks it up.

    Who subbed the 2nd movie? Maybe they could do it.
  11. aaa, same!! i need the subs....i would sub the anime but i need a translator who can provide me a script... ;_;
    i found some bi-langual twitters who have thought about it...but i'd hate to bother them;;;
  12. Yeah, I really can't enjoy this show without being able to understand what they're saying. I might be able to get some enjoyment out of it, but not knowing the dialogue would drive me nuts... That's why I don't watch raw anime.

    Still, it's not like I'm capable of subbing. The only thing to do is hope someone starts up the subbing again, whether it be whom was doing it before or someone else.

    That, or wait for the dub to catch up... though that will take a while. Though I'm sure they'll keep dubbing it, since it's apparently doing pretty well ratings wise.
  13. I am one of those weirdos who enjoy watching the show raw, it helps me pick up on Japanese and I can screencap better. Plus, it's pretty easy to tell what's going on, due to the simple nature of Yo-kai Watch.
  14. Someone should take the mantle and sub. Even hobbies has a keen of responsibility needed and of course no one likes a half-abandoned project because it feels incomplete and fulfilling.

    I mean, look at long running series like "Pokemon" or "Detective Conan". They still have people subbing those shows.

    Until that came comes, we just have to hope.
  15. no. leave the subbing to dove's friends/
  16. can you well,sub it?
  17. I wish someone would be willing to sub. I understand the subber's situation, but I don't want to watch the anime without understanding the comedy without subs.
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  18. Someone should sort some crowdfunding or Kickstarter. I would be willing to contribute.
  19. Then sub it
  20. You know, Lynn Hamilton, one of the WoY staff members, is a translator. Maybe she could start subbing the episodes.

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