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I'm a newbie on here :D

Discussion in 'Introduce!' started by Visigoth (Featherica), Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone, I'm Federica and I'm an Italian living abroad (US) and started playing Yo-Kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits no stop from last year and now I'm on YK2 Psychic Specters which I love despite some issues I'm having with my imported save data from BS LOL

    I hope I can get to know someone here and maybe trade some medals (wouldn't trade rare ones since it's risky if you don't know someone but would definitely love to trade some exclusive ones).
  2. Welcome to the page :D I´m also a little new :p
    I´m actually playing YW3, but I still have my save data of YW2 so if you need something just let me know :)
    My FC is 0233-2221-6399
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  3. Sure I would love to trade sometimes!! Do you have Bony or Fleshy? Or Both??

    I'm about to add you, here's my code 4742-6597-0506
  4. My 3DS is shared so you'll see a Mii called Joo but my IGN is Visigoth ^^
  5. I added you :) I have the three YW2 :)
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  6. Oh wow that's awesome!! I would love to trade some Yokai from Fleshy Soul for sure >.< you don't have to give me the "rare" ones of course but even all the C, D and E rank would be really awesome to have <3 Just tell me what you want and even if I still don't have it I'll try to get it for you and then we can trade :D

    PS I live in the US so not sure what time difference we have but I'm sure we can manage to "meet up" on the game lol I'll leave this page open and check as much as I can :D
  7. Tell me the ones you want/need and I´ll see if I have them or if I have to befriend them again :)

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