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I was wondering your thoughts on this game.

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Sangokushi' started by BenPaz, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. To me the game looks pretty cool and should be released in America.
  2. It does look fun. Since its already been hinted we're getting Busters this should be next in line if it is getting localized. Honestly i'm 50/50 whether Sangokushi will be localized but I certainly want it to be.
  3. Likewise! I don't know if it will make it over here, but the designs of the characters all look really cool. I've never played a Romance of the 3 Kingdoms game before, but if there were Yokai involved I'd pick it up for sure.
  4. So whats the gameplay like? Iv seen the yo kai designs, and there awesome XD.
  5. I apologize for dusting off this nearly eon old thread but as someone who has played at least one storyline of Yokai Sangokushi to completion, I can clarify a few things!

    "What's the gameplay like?"
    It's a turn based strategy RPG, involving the movement of yokai on tiles like a game of chess or series like Fire Emblem. You move your yokai to a tile, and choose one of the following actions to do that turn: Basic Attack, Skill/Spirit Based attack, Inspirit, Item, Soultimiate, or Pass. You can't just spam inspirit or spells, you only get about 3 or 4 uses before you need a Stamina potion (either found on the field or as an item) to get more uses. Soultimaites gradually build up, but you can find spirit wisps on the field or certain cards can increase your soul meter. When you pass, you have a chance of drawing a special card, either giving a tiny heal or soultimaite boost, or giving a HUGE boost or possibly a helpful buff.

    That's just the battle system, there's also an entire system with units at certain areas, training to give higher boosts in battle, training to find items, a day/night cycle. But it isn't that complicated tbh, you can get through the game with a good main team and a sort of "backup" team (trust me, you WILL want a backup team if you plan on importing the game).

    It may sound like a wall of text, but it's actually a very fun system that I quite like, and this is coming from someone who isn't super savvy with SRPGs.

    "Will it come to America?"

    Sadly this is where I get kind of...bleak. I honestly doubt it, since the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (and SRPGs outside of FE) aren't exactly huge hits in the west, and the sheer amount of text, while nothing compared to a mainline game, there's still a lot to translate and localize. Heck some parts of the game is very hard to localize, due to all the ties with Romance of the Three Kingdoms, other Koei Franchises with Tenko and Nyanbanuga, and even (Not going to give any spoilers) a certain few Sangokushi exclusives having puns tied very heavily to the Japanese language (at least, it would be VERY hard to work it out in localization). This isn't because I dislike Sangokushi or anything, in fact I love it a lot everything from the gameplay to that outstanding OST.

    So if you can, I'd recommend importing it. It's a bit more involved, but it's pretty easy to pick up on even if you don't know a lot of Japanese, just get ready for some trail/error if you can't google translate.

    Hopefully this helps!
  6. really makes me wish nintendo games weren't region locked

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