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Favorite YouTubers?

Discussion in 'Media Discussion' started by Sailornyan12, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. There's a lot of famous YouTubers currently making videos right now, but I'm asking, what are your favorites?

    My favorites are LeafyIsHere, pewdiepie, and DashieXP
  2. Gaming:
    The Completionist
    The Game Theorists
    Angry Joe

    Raon Lee
    Peter Hollens
    Epic Rap Battles

    TV/Movies Review/Reactions:
    Blind Wave
    Nostalgia Critic
    Honest Trailers

    ...to name a few, of course. Maybe you've heard of some of them. :)
  3. Gotta be
  4. Game grumps, Nostalgia Critic, Cinemassacre, Bennet the Sage, Cinema Snob, Phelous, WiiLikeToPlay, Jaimetud, Angry Joe.
  5. Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Game Grumps, Nostalgia Critic/Channel Awesome, Johneawesome, nigahiga, Jontron, IISuperwomenII , Abdallahsmash026, PBG peanutbuttergamer, Good Mytical Morning, Facts. (irish people reactions) and the Try Guys.

    ...I watch a lot of youtube lol
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  6. Personally, this is a tough question for me to give a simple and accurate answer.

    I don't generally declare really surfaced YouTubers my favorites; gaming channels like PewDiePie or Markiplier, film channels like Nostalgia Critic, and drama channels like LeafyIsHere for instance. I just don't prefer getting into deep topics about them since there's other people who talk all day about how they gained that much traction anyway.

    I generally stay around the medium and small side of the spectrum.

    I mostly prefer hobby/nostalgic tech channels like LGR, Ben Heck Show, 8-Bit Guy, and VWestlife.

    Of course there is some really legendary YouTubers who are still trying to stick around which I still appreciate their work, such as Cinemassacre and Jogwheel (Remember the Microwave show?).
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  7. Yay, another Good Mystical Morning fan!!

    Most of my time on YouTube is spent watching GMM (gotta love how goofy Rhett and Link are). Another channel I really like is Rosanna Pansino (better known as Nerdy Nummies).
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  8. I typically watch gaming channels. Dashie is probably my favorite and most watched lol. I also enjoy Markiplier, Game Theorists/GTLive, TeamFourStar and LittleKuriboh (they do some frequent gaming, particularly TFS), SomeOrdinaryGamers, and (of course) Abdallah.
  9. i like markiplier and pewds
  10. Yeah i adore the funny songs they do -vacation lol- and those will it challenge lol, never heard of the Nerdy Nummies so i'll probably check them out also :)
  11. Nerdy Nummies makes good stuff. There's also Feast of Fiction in which I actually tried following one of their recipes once, but since it was a bit unclear I was a bit stuck (Probably they expect you to have proper baking experience). Nerdy Nummies involves more icing though...
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  12. I'm really picky with tubers, I have to like their personality A LOT. I enjoy the Game Grumps, Cr1tikal, CinemaSins (and channels like it), Videogamedunkey and a little known tuber called 'Sagemaster15'. He's got a nice team of friends and they have a nice chemistry that leads to grandtastic comedy. He got popular through tomodachi life and now he's been playin a lot of Yo-Kai Watch so yeah. Went on a bit of a tangent there about one channel, just check him out he's grand. Also Vinesauce is fun to watch in the background when I'm doin other things.
  13. In terms of gaming:

    In terms of music:

    Everything else:
    -Planet Dolan (originally Danger Dolan)
    -Matthew Santoro
  14. I like abdallahsmash026, Gameboyluke, GlitchXCity, Mithzan, Moxillia, PeanutButterGamer, Shubble, Game theory, Your pal Ross, and a Few others
  15. I enjoy Creepsmcpasta, Stoned Gremlin Productions, I Hate Everything, and a few varied youtube poopers. xD
    • Rob Dyke
    • Danger Dolan
    • Mr Nightmare
    • Blameitonjorge
    • Markiplier
    • The Drawfee Channel
    • Cr1TiKaL
    • Jacksepticeye
    • Vinesauce, Vinny and Joel
    • This is Dan Bell
    • Themysteriousmrenter
    • JonTron
  16. GlitchxCity, Markiplier, SkydoesMinecraft, SkyvsGaming, MunchingOrange, Pksparks, Etika, and Beta64.
    These are all channels I hope others will enjoy, but this is pretty much it.
  17. Munching orange,johne awesome,pbgamer,chadtronic and jontron
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  18. OH YEAH. I forgot Chadtronic those are some good picks by the way.
  19. PeanutButterGamer FTW!

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