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Favorite Anime?

Discussion in 'Media Discussion' started by BluePikmin11, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. What would be your favorite anime that you have watched recently, besides Yo-kai Watch?

    I really love One Piece, Madoka Magica, and Death Note. I love anime that makes think about things psychologically in a heavy way.

    The most recent anime I watched was Re: Zero!
  2. mine would be pokemon
  3. One Piece! I'm more of a Manga person but when i watch anime its either One Piece or Yo-kai Watch ::I have around 250 volumes of Manga and 72 volumes of one piece::
  4. have you ever considerd the yo-kai watch manga, or is that part of your 250 that you own
  5. Got all 5 thats out at the moment. I love the Manga more than the show.
  6. I really liked HxH (it was my obsession before YW actually). It was such a trip...filled with a lot of crying on my part lol. The animation, the OST, the characters, incredible.
    Some other faves are Tongari Bōshi no Memoru, Yowamushi Pedal (my twitter handle, lizardboyprince, is actually a reference to this anime lol), FMAB, Soul Eater, Popee the Performer (one of the weirdest animes out there? all really old cgi and no dialogue....it's a little creepy but very entertaining), Jigoku Shoujo, Black Cat...the list goes on.
  7. Pokemon XYZ (even after episode 38 happening), Tenkai Knights, Brave Beats (I only watch 3 episodes so far, I need to catch up), and Code Lyoko (is that even considered an anime? It was made in France, not Japan, but still).
  8. For me, I'm more of a Tokusatsu person (live action shows with a lot of special effects and costumes) but I like a few of what the kids call "anime".

    Sailor Moon is a big one for me, pretty much being the biggest influence on my style. Rose of Versailles, Princess Tutu, and the Unico movies also being amongst my favorites.

    But my absolute favorite anime? The 2008 remake of Yatterman. Yes an incredibly cheesy monster of the week styled anime with a few weird bumps along the way and barely of it being subbed has won over my heart. Mostly because it's just good ol' fun and sometimes I don't want a fine steak dinner with candle lights, sometimes I just want take out pizza (and take out pizza is good).
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  9. For me I really enjoy some good slice-of-life/comedy anime but at the same time I do like something more action-packed and also gory (Yes... I enjoyed gore)

    So for me my current favs are Danball senki WARS, SKET dance, Erased, Fairy tail, Nanatsu no taizai, Kiseijuu, Young Black Jack and Haven't you heard? I'm Sakamoto~
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  10. I don't watch that much anime but Nichijou is 10/10
    It's just so surreal and stupid and just right up my alley haha.

    I guess other than that FMA Brotherhood Sgt. Frog were really good? (Sgt. Frog was actually my main fandom for a while haha.) And Osomatsu-San was cool though I never got around to finishing it, whoops.
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  11. Definitely Re:Zero! My Hero Academia is another great one!
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  12. Besides Yokai Watch, there's a lot of anime that I love. My all time favorites are One Piece and Dragon Ball Z. I also love Gintama, Hunter X Hunter, Toriko, One Punch Man Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Seven Deadly Sins, Magi, Inazuma Eleven, My Hero Academia, and gosh dang I love a lot of anime.
    For real, did I just find another Tenkai Knights fan? Never thought that would happen.
  13. I didn't think anyone one this site knew that existed XD
  14. My favorite anime or series in general would probably have to be "The World God Only Knows". I like how it makes fun of dating sim game tropes and I just love all the characters. If you're looking for a semi long rom-com (it has three seasons but there is a gap between season 2 & 3 so you might have to read the manga) I highly recommend it.
  15. I really like Tenkai Knights as well. Love the character designs. It's shame it does not air on CN anymore
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  16. I also loved the lime parfait running gag as well!
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  17. Digimon Tamers is my favorite anime. Compared to seasons 1-2 it's dark AF! xD
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  18. Speaking of Digimon, who's excited for Tri later this month?
  19. Uh.... ME OF COURSE!! xD
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  20. i thought that show died a long time ago

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