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Exclusive Yokai Emojis!

Discussion in 'Updates/Rules' started by WoY, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Hey Yokai Fans!
    Try out these AMAZING new EMOJIS!

    How to use them ?


    Yokai Emojis (BIG) (Size - 50px)


    Yokai Emojis (Size - 30px)


  2. Whenever I've participated in specialty forums like this one, the creative in me always wished for something like exclusive emoticons to go with the site's theme. I'm so glad such an opportunity was made for this hangout! :p Krystal did such a great job with the art!! It gives a nice sense of unity to Watch of Yo-kai's site and hangout as a whole!

    I love the choice of selection made here so far! The Yo-kai assigned to each emotion is very nice and well suited for each character. I really hope it can be expanded in the future to include more emotions with other Yo-kai (ex. I'm biased, I'd love Espy emotes that either expressed a leer, giddiness, or shocked-embarrassment. ex. Or a sneaky side-eye from Peckpoket!)
    Or even Holiday-themed ones (ex. Getting Dracunyan for Halloween! Or other Yo-kai that might suit the aesthetic, like Hidabat perhaps? Trick-or-Treater versus the Holiday Shut-in)
    Honestly, it's too much fun coming up with possible emoji themes for an assortment of discussion :D

    I'm definitely motivated to chat more so I have more opportunities to use these adorable emojis! ;)

    :confused: If I had to give any genuine criticism, it would have to be how the emojis read in the smaller size. I hope this doesn't get taken the wrong way, I definitely like the direction and detail brought to these emojis, but the more detail there is, and the smaller the emoji is, the harder it can be to pick up on some of those subtle details. For example the tears or symbol cues such as the angry veins, '?' or '!' can either be hard to read, or small and not as noticeable.
    If any changes had to be suggested for the smaller sizes, I'd probably suggest making those emotion cues more apparent, or for symbols rely on one symbol and make it big enough to stand out? o:
    THAT SAID, as you can see on my post, I don't have a problem still using the smaller sized variety despite my thoughts :) However I do appreciate that we are given the option to use the bigger versions! :cool2: Just that sometimes the amount of negative space between rows of text can trip me up for lack of a better term?? o_O But admittedly that's just me being persnickety.

    :komaoops:I'm sorry if this became a wall of text and emojis. I guess when it comes to feedback, I just have to put my all into it! I hope what I said was either helpful or encouraging. This truly is an update I am very happy to see added onto the hangout and would love to see more updates for it as time goes by! Keep up the fantastic work!!
  3. @Cel Phone Thanks for your feedback!

    I agree with your criticism regarding the smaller size and expressions not being clear. That was sorta our fault for deciding to make a higher resolution of the characters. BUT! Krystal being amazing as she is, helped us out with new batch of emojis fit for the smaller size and here they are.

    :dizzy: :baddcool: :jibeyeroll: :jiblolcry: :jibsmile3: :jibtongue: :komacry: :komablush: :omg: :aghast: :usaangry: :usaconfused2: :whispgrin: :wink:
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  4. Oh my gosh:omg:!! these new pixel emojis look amazing! and regarding the previous readability issues, these improvements are just spot-on! :jibtongue: Also the animated :dizzy: Jibanyan is such a nice touch!

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