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A Response to Negative YO-KAI WATCH 2 Reviews

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Series 1-2' started by BluePikmin11, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. I also feel that YW2 as a whole was not given a fair chance by reviewers in several cases. thankfully there is positive feedback out there, but the consensus looks so split when I really don't think it should be.

    pretty much everyone who played through the first game would agree that YW2 improved upon the franchise in many ways. yes it does have its tedious moments and mild annoyances, but you'll find that in just about any game because no game is perfect. it's clear which reviewers actually bothered to give YW2 a genuine chance and which ones didn't. your article was informative in a lot of ways though and I think it'll positively sway people who are still on the fence of buying YW2 because of these reviews.

    on a sidenote, I had no idea about that new Digimon anime! I'm not very surprised to see its under the influence of YW. Yokai Watch has to be doing something right if even a huge franchise like Pokemon is also taking inspiration from it.
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  2. Appmon is super good, is basically YO-KAI WATCH with a growing story. I recommend checking it out!
  3. I checked the review once, but I can't see it anymore so I'll have to say from memory. The problem with these reviewers is that Yo-kai watch 2 takes way time more than 1 (Like Beta64 said) So it really can't be possible for reviewers to spend time on this ONE game. However I feel like reviewers like IGN mentioned in the article really have a problem with the battling and trains in this one mostly. They just can't appreciate how much this game has grown in terms of Yo-kai and the Overworld. Then you're right they're expectations are to those of Pokemon. Instead of Yo-kai watch just being Yo-kai Watch. Also reviewers only need to review the game to get payed not a good rating (Unless that bribing myth is true) Why? Because you're still paying someone for their time not their reaction. Just like a college application the money you pay (Not for the college classes itself) is so people can read your application and see if you're qualified. Not an entrance fee (Which college doesn't have). Unfortunately I myself wouldn't give Yo-kai watch 2 enough time for it too get a good review if I was a Reviewer. Maybe these reviewers spend 5 hours on a game? Really the first segment is a good introduction and Nate/Katie just doing their lives is the next. Time travel and everything else is WAY later on. Took me about 10 hours? But hey maybe they did play most of the game and just don't like it. :oops:
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