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  1. Jibb
    How y’all doin?
  2. Gadicarvil7
    I am giving my puni puni code to those people that want to add me, here it is: 8cgucbem
  3. Shiny Sailornyan
    Shiny Sailornyan
    YW3: I currently have doubles of these; Puppynyan, Kabuking, Sailornyan, Pride Shrimp, Happycane.
    1. Meggy124124
      I have a crap ton of Thurston
      Mar 26, 2019
  4. Shiny Sailornyan
    Shiny Sailornyan
    2 Days until Yw3 i can hardly control myself lol
  5. Visigoth (Featherica)
    Visigoth (Featherica)
    Registered here recently and desperately looking for trading T^T
  6. NeonToaster
    Searching for Yo-kai
  7. Tychu
  8. Tychu
    Butters Scotchafrass Sugarswirl (Tychu)
    Butters Scotchafrass Sugarswirl, at your service! ;3
  9. Shiny Sailornyan
    Shiny Sailornyan
    February Yokai Watch 3, It's Sukiyaki haray my dream came true! Sailornyan i'mma get you gurl!
    1. Visigoth (Featherica) likes this.
  10. Boypita
    FC: 0233-2221-6399
  11. Evilnyan
    Nya don't get me mad or i will go into my shadow form
  12. Evilnyan
    I'm a fusion of Tengloom and Jibanyan
  13. Calem
  14. Nanami
    This is my new friend code and I'm very active vry9xvk8
  15. Shiny Sailornyan
    Shiny Sailornyan
    I need to make a decision should i get PS and transfer my data for infinate Sailornyan's and elites? Or get Blaster White Dog~
  16. OctoLiam
    OctoLiam Harry588
    Hi I know i'm late but can I perma trade you an illuminoct and a gargaros for robonyan f and sailornyan
  17. Shiny Sailornyan
    Shiny Sailornyan
    Finally watched the Shadowside movie full, find it in movies i posted it. I loved it! <3
  18. b-t-t-b
    current mood: I have no idea what I'm doing
  19. Mighty Key
    The Mighty Keynyan
    Follow your dreams and be you
  20. Mighty Key
    The Mighty Keynyan
    Playing puni puni and watching bnha like always