Fumika Kodima’s Youkai Watch Toy by Bandai is Finally Here!

With all the hype of Apple’s latest Apple Watch, which was recently introduced. Bandai has also introduced the release of their new Youkai Watch toy that is worn by Fumika from the hit Japanese game Youkai Watch.

Fumika Kodama

Now Bandai is releasing their new toy watch which is worn around the neck of Fumika Kodima. She is a classmate of Keita Amano and she too can communicate with Youkai with her version of the Youkai Watch.


Just like the DX Youkai Watch toy, you can insert Youkai medals on to the watch.


Fumi’s Watch toy is targeted towards the female audience of the show as Keita’s Watch toy is targets the male audience.

Bandai has already released the Youkai Watch toy worn by Keita Amano and it has been one of the top selling Youkai Watch toy in Japan.

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