Craziness for Yokai Watch! The unstoppable phenomenon has hypnotized a whole country.

The unstoppable phenomenon has hypnotized a whole country.

Little shops, big supermarkets, mega-stores, specialized businesses, kiosks… Everywhere. Every corner in Japan is full of Yokai Watch merchandising. Infinite and countless merchandising.

Kids –and not so kids- love it.

We were taught that an image is worth a thousand words. So let’s take a look to some examples of what we’re saying!

Of course, we can find any kind of toys and collectibles.


Source: Toys’r’us


Source: Toys’r’us


Also books and magazines –in fact, the videogame guides are already best-sellers in Japan.


Source: Amazon


Source: Shinuchi


And we start with the day to day life in Japan: bento lunch box.


Source: Amazon


Of course, chopsticks and case cannot be missed with your lunch box!


Source: Amazon


And if you are eating at home, here there is a soup bowl!


Source: Ebay


The mega hit has taken also over McDonald’s

youkai_mcbox Yokai_mcbag

Source: Anime, Anime!

And shampoo…


Source: Ebay

And one of the most astonishing areas of merchandising: FOOD!


Cereals and drinks. Source: mijinko91392751


Pastries. Source: 123o_kn

 And parents try to make their kids happy at lunch time by making these amazing meals:


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


But not only that, the list can be endless. And every day new products appear: towels, toothbrushes, school materials such as pencils, pens, erasers or rulers, glass cases, mobile phone cases, keychains, bicycles, tissues, blankets, pillows… and a long etcetera.


Source: HMV_Ohta


Source: Meristation


Seeing all this we can reach one conclusion: Yokai Watch has become an important part of the Japanese daily life. We can find Yokai Watch in almost every quotidian object of their current lifes.

It is starting to look like Pokemon phenomenon is being progressively replaced by the yokai world.

Do you think this can happen worldwide, too? We can only make suppositions about how this can impact the rest of the world when Yokai Watch gets to western kids.

But everything points to another megahit of magical creatures invading our everydayness.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in this fantastic world?

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