CoroCoro May 2016 – Yokai Watch 3 News Update

The newest issue of CoroCoro Comics is finally here, and as usual we can now see a few more details that the previous leaks couldn’t provide.

New Yokai Details!

Many new yokai we’ve already heard about before are mentioned again alongside some more that we are just hearing about for the first time in this issue!

☆ the KK Brothers Kコマー (K Komaa) and Kジーロ (K Jiiro), both Pretty/Charming tribe yokai, whats the connection between these wandering hitchhiker brothers and Komasan & Komajirou?

トムニャン (Tomnyan), Pretty/Charming tribe yokai, an American cat yokai… will he become Jibanyan’s rival?!

ブルックりん (Brooklyn), Goketsu/Tough tribe yokai, an American version Gurerurin/Roughraff. An American delinquent yokai who loves spray painting graffiti.

カントリーバァバ (Country Baaba), PokaPoka/Heartful tribe yokai, an American Bakurobaa/Tattletell. She soften’s people’s hearts with her delicious baked cookies.

ハングリーG  (Hungry G), PokaPoka/Heartful tribe yokai, an American Himojii/Hungramps. A gluttonous yokai, his appetite is even bigger than Himojii’s!?

まるナゲット (Maru Nugget), Fushigi/Mysterious tribe yokai, he’ll leave all decision making to anybody else, an irresponsible yokai.

ロボニャンUSA (Robonyan USA), Goketsu/Tough tribe yokai, a new Robonyan remodeled to American specifications.

ふあんかん (Fuankan), Bukimi/Eerie tribe yokai, always anxious, this trigger happy sheriff always shoots right away at suspicious characters.

マイッカー (Maikkaa), Goketsu/Tough tribe yokai, this car yokai gets over any accident by just saying “Well, whatever~!”

ペラペライオン (Pelapelion), Fushigi/Mysterious tribe yokai, this international school yokai can speak around 5 languages fluently.

インチキン (Inchicken), Usurakage/Shady tribe yokai, everything about this “chicken” looking yokai is fakery.

いばる~ん (Iballoon), Isamashi/Brave tribe yokai, in his arrogance he inflates his body and floats into the sky.

大化ケット (Oobaketto), Pretty/Charming tribe yokai, he can awaken hidden power within weak people he inspirits.

あしたガール (Ashita Girl), PokaPoka/Heartful tribe yokai, she shouts “Tomorrow is a new day!” / “There’s always tomorrow.” to cheer people on.

寝コロンブス (Necolumbus), Pretty/Charming tribe yokai (not to be confused with the Legend cat yokai named Columbus) Necolumbus is a cat yokai that’s always lying. Is he lying about discovering the new world?

サンデーパパ (Sundae Papa), PokaPoka/Heartful tribe yokai, a father being lazy on his day off.

ガッテンマイヤー (GattenMaiyaa), PokaPoka/Heartful tribe yokai, a housekeeper yokai that allows anything with an “A OK!”

カリカリベーコン (Karikari Bacon), Usurakage/Shady tribe yokai, deliciously crispy with his anger power.

パッカー (Pakkaa), Fushigi/Mysterious tribe yokai, a yokai that’s constantly pulling down people’s zippers.

ナンモナイト (Nanmonaito), Nyororon/Slippery tribe yokai, a defiant yokai with nothing to lose.

シングコング (Sing Kong), Goketsu/Tough tribe yokai, a gorilla yokai that sings with a powerful singing voice.


We also caught a glimpse of one of the American yokai bosses, a giant mass of car and scarp parts… maybe we’ll meet this boss in an scrapyard? It’s also mentioned that a new yokai (possibly a Legend yokai) will be revealed on April 29th via the CoroCoro YouTube Channel!

More about the Tactics Medal Board

As we learned before, you can move, place, and swap out your yokai on a 3 x 3 square medal board area. A basic example for placement might be to put fighting type yokai to the front, while setting your healing yokai more toward the back. However, we now learn that the enemy yokai will also be moving on a similar 3 x 3 area as they compete with your team.

Depending on the placement of your yokai, different attack formations can be triggered. Your special attacks (Soultimates) are also initiated using new touch actions on the medal board.

New Maps and Areas

As we already knew, Yokai Watch 3 takes place in both Japan and America. Back in Japan we’ll be able to explore a new area, Aobahara (equivalent to Tokyo’s Akihabara) where Otaku shop for games, computers, and other electronics. NyanKB idol concerts will also be held there?!

Version and Linking Exclusives

If you get the download version of Yokai Watch 3 Sushi you’ll unlock SushiJiba, whereas if you download Tempura version you’ll unlock TenKoma instead. If you opted for the package versions you’ll get KK Brothers and Tomnyan Dream Medals instead.

By linking previous games in the Yo-kai Watch franchise, you can unlock special characters in your Yokai Watch 3 game. If you link Yokai Watch 2 Ganso, Honke, and Shinuchi, you’ll be able to get Jibanyan S, Komasan S, and Komajirou S respectively. With Yokai Watch Busters Akanekodan and Shiroinutai you’ll unlock B Jibanyan and B Komasan. Finally, if you link Yokai Sangokushi you’ll unlock Jibanyan Liu Bei, Komasan Sun Ce, and USAPyon Sima Yi.

Those Three Big Game Updates!

These three big scheduled updates are mentioned again, but they give us no solid new information about them other than they may contain new events and new yokai?!

Don’t forget, Yokai Watch 3 Sushi and Tempura will release in Japan on July 16th, 2016!

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