CoroCoro April 2016 – Yo-kai Watch News & Updates!

The April issue of CoroCoro Comics monthly featured a decent helping of Yo-kai Watch news this month! While most of the content centered on all of the new and upcoming Yo-kai Sangokushi 3DS game and medals information, there were also a few little hints about potential and new yo-kai that may also appear in the upcoming 3DS game, Yo-kai Watch 3!

Fan Made Yo-kai?!

Featured most prominently is a seemingly fan-made yo-kai called Android Yamada, a yo-kai of unknown tribe and rank. It’s said this yo-kai was formed when Dr. Yamada was caught up in an explosion while experimenting with android technology. Another fan-made yo-kai, the Usurakage / Shady tribe Darisu (a pun on the words for “lazy/sluggish” and “squirrel”), was also shown.


New Yo-kai in Puni Puni

This issue also arrived with a large Yo-kai Watch Puni Puni (eng: Wibble Wobble) poster which featured two new yo-kai; 椿姫 (Tsubaki-hime) a pink “camellia” recolor of the yo-kai Fubiki-hime (eng: Blizzaria) who is Isamashi / Brave tribe and S-Rank, as well as a Jibanyan yokai ガチニャン (Gachinyan) who is Goketsu / Tough tribe and also S-Rank. We speculate that these two yo-kai may also potentially appear in upcoming games, particularly Yo-kai Watch 3 for Nintendo 3DS.


More & More Sangokushi Details

It appears that the “befriending” mechanic in Yo-kai Sangokushi will be somewhat different from games in the main franchise. In Yo-kai Sangokushi it appears that the player will have to collect orbs/gems in order to “make a wish” and summon other yo-kai generals. Ryuukun Liu Yu will give the player their first.

The Yo-kai Sangokushi arc of the anime will begin airing on April 8th, in Japan.

Several more of the “Sangokushi” yo-kai names and character designs have also been released. There are actually so many to share that we will be introducing those to you in a separate article.

On June 3rd, Yo-kai Sangokushi players will be able to download eight regular, and two special gacha coins, so don’t miss that!

DX Yo-kai Watch U Prototype Update

If you plan to use the new Yo-kai Sangokushi medals with your DX Yo-kai Watch U Prototype toy, you will need to update to Version 4 by using an SD card and download it from the yo-tunes official page. For those who need help doing so, Watch of Yokai will provide a tutorial video on how to update your watch very soon!

Last couple tidbits~

Also of interest, the somewhat recently opened official YouTube channel, CoroCoro Channel was mentioned, and will feature lots of gameplay footage from various games, including Yo-kai Sangokushi.

And finally, it’s been announced that the May 2016 issue of CoroCoro will contain lots of Yo-kai Watch 3 news! As we get closer to it’s summer release we will likely be learning more and more every month from here on.

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