Come to the Pandanoko Party!

The illusive Pandanoko, a rare and adorable Rank A Yo-Kai from the Slippery Tribe is a treat to obtain. This alternate colour of the Noko has power that when unleashed will help you collect items, befriend Yo-Kai, and even refill your soul-meter.

Pandanoko is a powerful Yo-Kai healer with a special skill that allows for more wisps to come in during a battle. It raises the chance that a wisp will appear early on in battle (remember that wisps can contain money, items, and even help you befriend Yo-Kai easier). Its inspirit allows it to inspirit allies to heal a small percentage of health every time they make a move while Pandanoko’s Soultimate move will allow it to heal its allies a great amount with its charming smile, but it can still do damage with its freezing technique and biting attack.

Meeting a Pandanoko is a rare encounter that requires a lot of street passing and getting lucky enough to have it appear in Wayfarer Manor. Encountering Pandanoko through street pass is a rare and difficult journey its self, and requires taking your 3DS with you almost everywhere you go in hopes to meet one.

Abdallahsmash026 of Youtube has been lucky enough to encounter a Pandanoko and he is going to be showing off on his channel all the fun of this illustrious Yo-Kai!


To see and learn all about befriending, getting, and using Pandanoko, join Abdallahsmash026 for his Pandanoko Party, this Tuesday, February 2nd, at 4pm CST!


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