Collabs Galore! Yo-kai Watch meets FFXIV & Det. Conan!

Big news in the world of Yo-kai Watch collaborations today.

Jibanyan x Detective Conan in PuniPuni!

First up, get ready to meet 名探偵コニャン (Detective Conyan), a brand new yokai (based on the popular anime and manga series “Detective Conan”) never before seen in the Yo-kai Watch games or anime. He’ll be available as a specially obtainable yo-kai for「妖怪ウォッチぷにぷに」 (the Japanese version of Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble)!

The secret password will be available in Japan on May 11th when issue 24 of Weekly Shounen Sunday ( 週間少年サンデー ) goes on sale.


Yo-kai Watch x Final Fantasy XIV!

Also coming up are a myriad Yo-kai Watch related minions, weapons, and a hilarious Whisper flying mount, all for the popular Square Enix MMORPG, “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn”. You can check out many of these by viewing the video here.

Yo-kai Watch 3 x Final Fantasy!

Likewise, some familiar faces from Final Fantasy will be showing up in Yo-kai Watch 3 Sushi & Tempura which are releasing for the Nintendo 3DS this summer in Japan, on July 16th.

Choconyan (Jibanyan riding on a classic yellow Chocobo!) and Mooglinyan (A Moogle cat!). They will each have their own themed special attacks as well. Choconyan will have 「チョコ肉ラッシュ」(ChocoPaw Rush!) while Mooglinyan will lay down 「究極魔法アルテニャ」 (Ultimate Magic Alte-nya).ffyw1

No word yet if these will be available at launch, or if they will be coming after release in one of the three big Yo-kai Watch 3 planned content updates. Either way, we will keep fans posted as we find out more!

Sources: 週刊少年サンデー leak, live video on ニコニコ動画, Official Yokai Watch 3 FFXIV Collaboration Page

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