Yo-kai Watch Season 3 is Here! Catch all New Episodes

Yo-kai Watch Season 3 Episodes as an anime just premiered on July 2nd and takes Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan on new adventures and Yo-kai to deal with. The synopsis of the third season has the protagonists teaming up with Hailey Anne, a sci-fi superfan, that gets her very own Yo-kai Watch. She is partnered with a space cowboy Yo-kai known as Usapyon to build a Yo-kai powered rocket to reach for the skies. Along with all the upcoming releases of games for 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and mobile, the anime is another integral part of the series that fans cannot miss. Catch new episodes on Disney XD Mondays at 5:30pm ET/PT!

Hailey Anne and Usapyon both appears in the upcoming Yo-Kai Watch game Yo-Kai Watch 3. Check out the first details forĀ Yo-Kai Watch 3


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