All Yo-kai Watch Anime Premiere Dates for European Countries!

We finally got news from the official Twitter accounts about the premiere dates. For you Europeans wondering when it is going to premiere in your country, this is it. Be sure to follow the accounts of your country so you can keep up to date news on Yo-kai Watch by clicking on the official Twitter accounts below!

UK Premiere Date: April 23 on Cartoon Network

Spain Premiere Date: Approximately during May on Boing

Germany Premiere Date: May 9th on Nickelodeon

EDIT: It was just announced that the Deutsch anime moved from May 21st to May 9th in a recent tweet.

France Premiere Date: April on Boing and September on Gulli

Italy Premiere Date: April on Cartoon Network

We also got information for other countries as well, we thank Gamasutra for the rest of the air dates:

France: BOING in April 2016 – Gulli on September 1 st, 2016 – Cartoon Network in March 2017

Austria: Nickelodeon on May 21 st, 2016

Africa: BOING in May 2016

Russia and Ukraine: channels to be announced soon – fall 2016

Belgium and Netherlands: Nickelodeon on May 21 st, 2016

Central and Eastern Europe, Nordics countries, Portugal, Turkey and Poland: Cartoon Network between April and May 2016

Israel : Noga in Summer 2016

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