5 Final Episodes of Yo-kai Watch Season 1 Coming February 29th to March 4th

That’s right, you read that title correctly! This is the third five day episode marathon that Yo-kai Watch is doing in the month of love. This week, Disney XD will be airing these new episodes from February 29th to March 4th at 4 P.M. Central Time.

Join Komasan in his journey to finding a soulmate and watch Nate meet lots of Yo-kai from the popular B3-NK1 to the foretelling Espy. You will also get to know more of Jibanyan’s backstory in one episode, which is considered by many Yo-kai Watch fans to be the most emotional. We have provided another table to use for reference to help you get ready!

Episode Title Air Date
Komasan in Love Episode 2; Yo-kai Duchoo; Yo-kai Ake & Payn 2/29/16
Komasan in Love Episode 3; Yo-kai Grubsnitch; Yo-kai B3-NK1 3/1/16
Komasan in Love Episode 4; Yo-kai Tengloom; The Real One 3/2/16
Jibanyan’s Secret 3/3/16
Yo-kai Espy; Yo-kai Peckpocket; Komasan in Love Episode 5 3/4/16

Prepare your choco-bars and snacks, you are in for a exhilarating ride with these final episodes of Season 1.

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