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YW4 Shadowside Movie + Discussion

Discussion in 'Yo-Kai Watch Anime/Movie' started by Shiny Sailornyan, Aug 17, 2018.


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  1. As this is also a discussion thread feel free to comment be warned there may be spoilers said.


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  2. A year has passed since I been to this site and now I am hooked again to the series thanks that I am playing Youkai Watch 3. But also want to say that I did say the Shadowside film last year and now I want to express my opportunity to say that....... I hated it.

    That's right. I hated Youkai Watch Shadowside and still do to this day so much that I didn't bother to see the series. It might be a bit spoilerish here but concerning the movie here are my reasons why I despise Shadowside.

    1. The dark tone of the series might have worked even in the original series, so there was no need to make separate entity when the original show demonstrated that it can be shown in the original series like Akamaru's death (which still is the most heartbreaking moments of the show), and elements of the first 2 movies.

    2. Is pretty noticeable that they wanted to more approachable to an older audience by giving the "Digimon" type of storytelling. But dark/edgier designs doesn't mean "hardcore" when "Pokemon" and "Digimon" can have dark storylines involving cute appealing characters... and they even appeal the adult fanbase.

    3. Like any series, time skipping series are depressing since while is commendable that it shows cartoons can grow like humans, some directions makes it feel that the future is set in stone even when the audience disagrees with the choices they go through.

    4. Hated every single human character in the series. Akihori was annoying and Natsume was so much of a bland mary-sue that she is incredibly boring. Say all you want about Keita being bland and average but at least he is self-aware of that unlike Natsume.

    5. The ONLY thing and character I liked was Touma because he had an emotional arc and a good reason to be what he was... Unfortunately the movie treats him like all is his fault and that he is the reluctant villain... He is the guy who obviously looked like he is great main character material but it was ignored.

    6. It can't make up it's mind if this is a sequel or a spin-off since the classic characters can't even recognize themselves with no explanation. Continuity is screwed or vaguely unexplained.

    7. The use of the "Gegege no Kitarou" was shamelessly useless only to promote their upcoming series. For an iconic anime character, Kitarou was used only as vessel for Touma's soul.... and doesn't bother to participate in the final battle claiming that this is a human problem and not a youkai problem so they must not meddle...... except that the world is in danger which means it involves both humans and youkai!

    8. The whole part of Natsume entering Touma's soul was the moment I got legitimately angry. The whole thing was basically "You closed yourself so is your fault, you should have done this so you would have been better". It is pretty much a preachy assault to someone who is sad & lonely who needed understanding, not guilt pushing. A lazy "power of friendship" moment hat somehow felt like unintentional bullying.

    9. No Inaho, not even a mention. Come on LEVEL-5.

    Sorry if this felt kinda gloomy, but I wanted to express my incredible dislike towards Shadowside. I am not saying that it didn't had potential, and is not the worst thing in the world; but this movie didn't convinced me to follow the TV-Series. If I were a teacher, this movie is a D-

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