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Yokai Watch Movie 3

Discussion in 'Yo-Kai Watch Anime/Movie' started by Danny, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Well, someone finally subbed the third movie and finally watched it.

    My thoughts? Is really ambitious, but not ambitious enough. There were great stuff but at the same time some really disappointing things. But I will say this: The kid that plays Real Life Keita is REALLY good.

    I still think the second movie is superior of all the three, but this one deserves some credit for it's ambition.

    Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?
  2. This is assumed, since this is a thread about thoughts on the movie, but in case people didn't think of that: Spoilers Incoming!

    Also, it's long.

    So, a Giant Sky-Whale breaks the fourth-wall... Yeah...

    I found this movie entertaining, but nothing amazing. To be fair, I'm more a fan of animation over live-action, so crossing the two together didn't appeal that much to me, I would've preferred if it were animated all the way through, but that may have lost some of the effect.

    I found myself a bit confused over the differences between the two worlds, and what exactly was going on with the real-life versions of Keita's friends and family. Their personalities were different, but it was really unclear if they were supposed to have been the same people, not noticing the change and effecting their personalities, or actually alternate versions of them.

    The two worlds thing was very confusing, Keita is the same person between both worlds, as are the yo-kai. But the other characters change, and also Kanami only exists in the real-life version of New Sakura Town, so it must have a separate existence.

    But in this real-life version of Keita's town, all the people are mostly the same, and recognize him. So what happened to real-life Keita during all this? Or were the other characters teleported to the real world and didn't notice aside from Keita, but wouldn't people in the real world notice a bunch of houses and people appearing out of nowhere?

    As I said, it's a very confusing aspect of the movie for me. But I suppose it doesn't really break the film, just something that kind of bugs me.

    I also couldn't help but find Kanami rather unsympathetic. I don't mean to come off as cold-hearted or anything, I know she was manipulated, and what happened to her was terrible. If something happened to me that rendered me unable to write I'd be devastated.

    But still, she was apparently supported by her family, teacher and friends during the time, but rejected the rehabilitation plan. Opting instead to break the barriers between the worlds regardless of whom would be hurt, and almost destroying both worlds.

    Once again, I understand that she was devastated, and that she was manipulated in her grief. I just couldn't help but find her somewhat unsympathetic. At least in the end she acknowledged that she had support that she had been ignoring up until then. Overall, this is just another nitpick that doesn't ruin the movie or anything.

    I also didn't like that Inaho was relegated to a mere cameo, despite USApyon being featured as one of the main yo-kai.

    Inaho is one of Keita's only human friends that knows about yo-kai, but I feel the possibilities there are often wasted. Not just in this movie, but overall.

    I really enjoy Keita and Inaho's dynamic when they're together, they make a great team. However they're just kept separate most of the time, which I find a waste of potential.

    It doesn't help that none of the episodes where they interact have been subbed, unless you count the second movie.

    Well, that's about all I have to complain about the movie, how about some positives?

    Keita's pure unoriginality when given the opportunity to name yo-kai was pretty funny. I also found it really funny how whenever Whisper pointed this out, it would quickly be followed by the name being accepted.

    It was particularly funny when he dubbed the humanoid whale yo-kai 'Whaleman,' shortly followed by the corrupted Kanami calling it that (Whisper: You agree with him!?).

    Overall, the CGI Yo-kai looked good, but didn't really fit with the 'real world.' They just looked like 3D cartoons to me. Though realistic yo-kai would've probably been a lot harder to create, and maybe look kind of terrifying, depending on the yo-kai.

    Aside from CGI Manjimutt, he was amazing. But too little screen time! Give some love to the best yo-kai of them all!... I'm kidding, he's still my favorite though :p.

    Overall I enjoyed this movie, aside from my nitpicks and confusions, it's not like I expect Yo-kai Watch of all things to make 100% sense anyway. It's good entertainment overall, but I liked the previous movies better, but that's probably because they were fully animated.

    Though the fact that Keita has the Yo-kai Watch Dream in this movie, and we still don't have the episode where he gets it subbed, kind of bothers me. Hopefully someone will pick up subbing it again soon, as it seems NyoroZoku Subs have dropped off the fact of the earth after giving us hope (nothing against them or anything, you can't blame people if they don't want to do a task like subbing that they aren't even getting paid for. But could you at least post that you're not doing it anymore instead of leaving us all hanging?)
  3. Felt a little uncomfortable with the katie and nate moment... XD the animation was actually pretty well done ^.^
    Koalanyan is the cutetess~ <3

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