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Yokai Watch 2 Easy Trading Thread!

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Series 1-2' started by JEEBS, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Hi I have etherna and I wish to trade for your goldenyan my friend code is 5472-8162-2674
  2. Hi I have etherna and I wish to trade for your goldenyan my friend code is 5472-8162-2674
  3. Hey anyone that is interted im trading a shadow venoct, dracunyan, eterna, demuncher etc and other rare yo kai heres my friend code: 0404 9848 8369 and permanent trades only im looking kyubi frostail sailoryan frazzel count cavity wideawake etc and fleshy souls exclusives
  4. FC: 418431438788
    Looking For: (PTs) Robonyan F (2x) and Slimamander. PLEASE, I'M DESPERATE D: T_T
    For Trade (Perma): Cruncha, Corptain, Devourer, Gleam, Tengu, Kingmera, Frostail, Sheen, Goldenyan, Todal Dude, Auntie Heart, Unikirin, Eterna, Eyellure, Count Cavity, Lie-in heart, Master Oden, Robonyan, Frazzel, Zappary, Count Zapaway, Bruff, Sailornyan, Jibakoma, High Gonmey, Darknyan, Hovernyan, Pride Shrimp, Wydeawake, Boyclops, Singcada, Alpecian, Tyrat, Buchinyan, Tioletta, -So-Sorre
    3DS Name: Johnz
    IGN: John

    @Pixel, I can trade you some FS exclusives.
    @Harry588 , are you still active on the forums, would love to get a Robonyan F from ya :x

  5. You still interested in slimamander? If so add my friend code 4256-4210-6594 Name Jeremy
  6. FC:3368 4257 1873
    Robonyan F and sailornyan for any of the fruitnyan jetnyan darknyan hovernyan or any of the nyans we can discuss that in pm too
    perma trade
    3ds name: ard0s and also character name
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  7. Hey I have cruncha and goldenyan pls trade with me I have others too but it's a lot so mine is 5043 5462 6376
  8. Hey is this deal still on if so mine is
    5043 5462 6376
  11. FC:4528-2012-5820 Touch Trading for kyubi have venocct
  12. Friend code: 1693-4097-7921
    FT: gleam, eterna, goldenyan, count cavity
    LT: manjimutt, tattletell, sailornyan, robonyan F
    Permanent Trade
    3ds name: Tristan
    Yokai watch 2 name: Mallory
  13. Friend Code: 0405-0258-4133
    3ds and game name: shelbi
    For trade: Snartle(L43),Goldenyan(L1),Blizzaria(L1),Auntie Heart(L1)Eterna(L1)Shad Venoct(L3),Siro(L1),Robonyan F(L30),Supyo(L1),Tunatic(L17)Bananose(L1),Slacka-slash(L29),Tanbo(L1)
    Looking for : Count Cavity and Sailornyan
    Thank you very much in advance
  14. :wishpgrin:I like cheese puffs.
  15. Friend code: 1779 4584 0569
    Yokai for trade : eterna
    Yokai wanted: demona
    Name bma the same name in game
    Perma trade
  16. Friend Code: 0319-2312-3921
    Hornaplenty, Sandi and Everfore for pretty much most of my collection ( ask for details)
    Perma trade for both
    3ds name: Angi3
    Yo-kai watch 2 name: Nyate.
  17. Send me a message.
  18. I'll give you kingmera for Sandi
  19. My ingame name is Dylan 3ds name is also Dylan and my FC is 3067-8561-4785
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