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YO-KAI WATCH Trading/Battling Thread

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Series 1-2' started by mewtwo7778, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. we know that online tradeing/batting is a thing in ykw2 so use this thread to find a battle/trade partner
  2. I have some yokai for trade message me if you want one~ Komasan S, Sailornyan. I can get these daily.

    LF/PT Venoct [Not Shadow] & Gargaros[Red Oni]

    Note I am Not interested in battling. Grinding.

    Post here if you like but i'd prefer a message please.

    [Update I can't trade Oct-Nov, due to 3ds Death]
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  3. Desperately looking for both a Hidabat and So-Sorree.

    I've got an extra Eterna and I can go befriend another Wydeawake for those with Bony if you need it. I haven't done much befriending yet.

    FC: 3480 2554 0229
    Name: Spiral
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  4. ]
    I just got a So-Sorree from the crank with a wind excitement coin. Got an Extra Dracunyan also for trade rank b rare.~ I'd like Eterna >:D
    -2:20 for the qr codes good luck :)

    bony exclusives i can befriend for people -wideawake, boyclops, watchagot, and Zappary. I still have yet to find Count Zapaway
  5. @Shiny Sailornyan

    Unfortunately I only got multiple Apelican and two Dracunyan from that which is why I was wondering if anyone had any luck getting So-Sorree.

    If you'd take an Eterna for a So-Sorree I'd do it! It's one of my favorite Yokai.
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  6. hey anyone have an Uber Geeko they'd be willing to trade for my Arachnia?
  7. I also got a Hidabat for your allnyta~ :3 Or i can trade you the So-Sorree :)
  8. Yes i linked you the link check your alerts~
  9. Saloiryan I need one I'll trade back if anyone is willing too.
  10. Which one did you need?
  11. ill trade for my lie-in heart
  12. bad trade though
  13. Nah sorry I just traded away I lie in heart lol
  14. i do have an uber geeko though
  15. So Arachnia for Uber Geeko? Or no
  16. i have boyclops.

    also i have lie-in-heart and uber geeko~ if anyone wants.
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  17. uber geeko please

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