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YO-KAI WATCH JP Anime Discusion | OT | Second Movie Now Subbed!

Discussion in 'Yo-Kai Watch Anime/Movie' started by BluePikmin11, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Discuss the newest episodes of the YO-KAI WATCH anime in Japan here! How have the episodes been improving since the last YW episode was subbed, have you watch past those episodes?
  2. Last weeks episode was amazing, I'd never thought that they would actually get in a serious fight like they did. I also like that there's more Nate and Inaho interactions going on since YW3's release.
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  3. Unfortunately I can't link you to one due to illegal links not being aloud, but ask via PM to someone else.
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  4. Well this is fast, can't wait to watch it~ I enjoyed the movie even if I don't have any understanding of japanese (tho I can understand some of the lines and context)
  5. I finally watched part 2 and wow! I laughed and was in awe so much. The whole Santa part was hilarious and my favorite funniest part was when jibanyan scared Whisper into a heart attack lol!!
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  6. The second Yokai Watch movie was pretty good. Pretty much expected to become an instant Lord Enma fan as soon as I watched this movie and this proved me right. Only problem I had with the movie is Jibanyan's story made the least amount of sense, plot wise. Otherwise I enjoyed what I saw.

    The Koma brothers' mom was also more adorable than I was expecting
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  7. Wait
    Tjere was a fight
    I dont watch the anime anymore for multiple reasons but
  8. Yep
    Inaho and USApyon got into a fight so bad, that he literally moved into Nate's house.
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  9. That sound slike a fun episode
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  10. Oh it was!
  11. So I just saw this episode of the JPN anime (EP138, I think) and it was probably the coolest thing I'd seen so far. It involves Nate/Keita like this against Gachinkosou, a Yo-kai that instills a "You must win!!" spirit in people (correct me if I'm wrong ><;)
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  12. She's coming with USApyon in episode 77 and that's gonna take awhile in the dubbed
  13. I can't wait for the USApyon and Inaho dubbed actors to come soon.
  14. I gotta admit that this week's episode regarding the Dark Yokai Watch has a bit of a charm and yet disturbing tone out of it considering that it reminds me of the "Yami Shibai" graphic designs. Also "Caterpillar Boy" reminds me of a very sad horror manga called "The Bug Boy" which has hideous designs but tragic storytelling. I also want to note that it also makes me wish for a segment involving Jibanyan and Komasan (The real ones) in an adventure.

    I additionally has something in my mind from this episode that perplexes me.... Jinmenken is arrested again by creating a... well.... intriguing dough sculpture.... again.... Just like the pottery one, I still wonder why he is arrested by this? Is not like he is selling it to children like a creep.
  15. Sometimes life gives us answers we never expect to see in our life..... Like.... What would happen if Jibanyan and Komasan had a child?....... This show never ceases to surprise me.

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  16. Yeah when I saw that Komasan form of Jibanyan I was quite surprised!
  17. Oh dear... what an episode this week was..... and in my birthday none the less..... one of the wildest ones yet!

    We will never see Komasan and Komajiro the same way...... Their Taxi/Bus business can turn very sadistic! Thus further proves that in their cute exterior, there is something really really dark on them.

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