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Yo-Kai Watch English dub Episode Listings for May/June 2017 (Updated with the finale)

Discussion in 'Yo-Kai Watch Anime/Movie' started by Vrgin X, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Listings for the Yo-Kai Watch dub has been revealed for May via http://screenertv.com.
    IMG_20170408_152707.jpg No week long, season ending marathon this time around, as it looks like the season 1...Er...2 finale is slated for June 3rd.

    Nate meets 8 new Yo-Kai;
    Robonyan meets his future upgrade;
    And a new Komasan series.

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  2. The end is here...
    The season finale is June 3rd with ep.76

    Summery (Wikipedia):
    *After hearing about a local sports gym that his mother wants to go to, Komasan wants to try it out for himself.
    *One of Nate's new neighbors is being obnoxiously loud because of the Yo-kai Rawry.
    *Nate discovers that all of the Pandle in the world are gathered up at his school.


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