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Yo-Kai Watch 4?

Discussion in 'Fandom' started by Acester1642, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. After 20-30 softresetting, I got him to befriend me :D

    SV on the other hand... xD
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  2. Suprisingly for me I got Snaggerjag on my first time he wanted to rebattle.
  3. Out of curiosity are we done with this thread? If so then well it's been fun!
  4. what are your crank-a-Kai rates?
  5. Wicked and Hagure have no yo-Kai link boosts. And also,wicked is not good or weak against anything in wobble wobble. Um,as for the tribe unities,magic would get an spr boost,light would get a def boost,sound would get an spd boost,and wild would get an str boost. There are already two yo-Kai fitting for a light tribe,illuminoct and Ray o' light.
  6. I am back and after thinking, I found some concepts that would work for the next game

    amiibo: scanning amiibos will give a specific item based on what amiibo's scanned. However, you can choose the item based on your choice. For example, scanning figures may either give equipment, crank-a-kai coins, bonus dolls for cash, or even the Yo-Kai that is most like the character scanned. (The chance of this happening is an AVERAGE 50%)

    QR Code: Instead of giving the usual scan, the specific Yo-Kai of the medal will be given, allowing for easier collecting. This excludes guest characters & exclusives like Don Chan or the Gemnyans (unlike in YW3, the Gemnyans can be grabbed in the tribe coin crank-a-kai). (The chance of this happening is a low 40%)

    More cutscenes: This is a guaranteed 100%, but more cutscenes would be nice (And don't leave any from the JP version) I am thinking 30+ cutscenes. i know there's some doubt for that many, but still.

    Collaboration levels: You know how guest characters like Don Chan join the Yo-Kai Watch universe? Maybe bringing guest levels will allow the chance. Plus: This can be either DLC or an update upgrade, so that's possible. (Chance of this happening is a medium 60%)

    The Nintendo Switch Version: Since the Switch came out, the 3DS popularity is getting low, so why not bring this game to the Switch? (The chance of this happening is a high 80%)

    A new Battle System: (Note: the battle system names are what I made up. Don't judge me.) The 1st Game brought the Real Time Wheel Battle System, the 2nd brought the Real Time Z-Wheel Battle System, and the 3rd brought the 3x3 grid Battle system (This may have been inspired by MegaMan Battle Network's battle system), how about bringing the 4th game's battle system as something similar to a 3D fighting game (with 360 degree movement) to make things more like the anime in a sense or go for a more turn-based style. (Chance: 70%)

    Any thoughts? What do ya think?
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  7. Of what I putted down, we are not finished yet
  9. Sorry I'm late, but wow it's been a while. Something caught you up?
  10. I got some new ideas for the Possible YW4 game. Here is the list again
  11. I'll admit though, it has been some time.

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