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Yo-Kai Watch 4?

Discussion in 'Fandom' started by Acester1642, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. After hearing the interview for AbdallahNATION, I said to myself, hey maybe there will a Yo-Kai Watch 4 game coming up. And if it is possible or announced, Maybe we can discuss potential new details for the next game.
  2. Here are some concepts that I want, or need.

    1. Play the game with either as a custom character or with only the main characters.

    It would be a cool concept to play as a custom character with a watch model of choice. And maybe the custom character concept should be a separate story of yourself meeting the Yo-Kai and entering a story with Nate & co. If it gets confirmed, Thank You Level-5 for getting this feature in the game

    (Chance: 55%)

    2. Fully customizable Yo-Kai

    This concept was introduced in Yo-Kai Watch 3 where you customize a cat Yo-Kai with the My Nyan section in the menu. I thought to myself to expand it with other bases for custom Yo-Kai. And I want to expand it even bigger.

    (Chance: 60%)

    3. Transferring Yo-Kai

    It's not likely, but if YOU were the one who was sent a medallium (like YW2 or YW3) You can get the medals from past games.

    (Chance: 30%)

    4. Enter events and areas from past games

    Concept 1 should be confirmed for this, but if you want to enter the events from past games, you can be part of the story for this

    (Chance: 45%)

    5. A new story.

    Regardless if All the concepts in this list didn't make the cut, There WILL be a new story for the game. But maybe the story for the future title should have a story of choices, much similar to YW2 but bigger.

    (Chance: Guaranteed.)

    What do you think? Reply for any more concepts or features you want to suggest.
  3. Jibanyan finally beats the truck.
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  4. I say that 2 is more of a 10% chance because come on EVERY YOKAI (Excluding Recolors)? That would take too long. Another idea would be you can play as a yo-kai in certain moments of the game which would be a nice feature.
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  5. For concept 2, it can be 2 ways, 1: auto generate the Yo-Kai with answers from a survey. 2: Do EVERYTHING manually. The customization should be like in the last game.
  6. I think you're confused on what I meant its just that there will be to many models to code in and sprites as you see from the My Nyan there is a reason why it was so customizable it is because there is ONLY Jibanyan (Or something that looks like him) it would take too long for every Yo-kai to have a working model with the customization.
  7. My point is MOST of the elements, not all.
  8. A light switch.
  9. Alright that is way more reasonable.
  10. Anyway, For the concept of character creation, How do you think the customization works?
  11. Have hairstyles, different eyes/contacts, noses, mouths, and clothing should be something purchasable in game. For the watch model that shouldn't be a thing I mean why unless you mean the difference between Nate and Katie having the watch as a watch and amulet? There was a reason model zero was introduced it had more mechanics not a plain redesign.
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  12. You should at least have some of the features for the starter custom character

    I disagree with the eyes and noses. (Though I will exempt the eye contacts.)

    For the coloring of the character, have a palette or a wheel to specify which part will have that color and bring accent colors for some items

    I can see Hair and Clothing shops in the game. For the hair, it should divide into 4 sections: Front, Back, Sides, And Bangs. For clothing, have 2 layers on Bodywear And Legwear.

    Though for the watch model, You could choose what kind it is (Nate's traditional watch style or Katie's pendant watch style.), what color the model and style is gonna be, And also which arm you want the watch to be on (Doesn't make a big difference but seems nice to have someone have their watch on their right arm for a change.)
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  13. For the voice and personality, you should have scales on what the character will be like. Fast or Slow, Shy or Confident, etc.
  14. What do you mean by voice? Dialogue? If you're saying voice acting then don't bother that'll just ruin the game. Also I think personality would take to much time to implement and most likely would be ignored easily. Even if it was implemented it would probably just be a profile thing. Different noses I understand what you mean. Eyes however would be nice, since it could be really creative like Round eyes, Oval eyes, Dull eyes, etc. Still disagreeing with the whole Watch color and style thing.
  15. Wait how will the parents look?
  16. The scales are just for personality choice (10 personalities only.) (Plus, this is just an opinion.) There should be voices to CHOOSE.
    The watch model is the U models to start with
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  17. The parents are customized based on how the custom character was made. But will only have half of the features each parent has in common with the custom character.

    The eyes and nose will only be available when you start a new game.
  18. And only at the first customization you make
  19. The features are at random for the parents so you can't be sure what kind of parent you get.

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