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YO-KAI WATCH 2: Specters Confirmed for Fall 2017!

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Series 1-2' started by BluePikmin11, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. I am excited the only thing I'm worried about is that it seems like its gonna be a whole year after the original games.
  2. I'm so excited, one of my favorite yokai is illuminoct and I'm gonna be able to get him finally <3 Personally I'm just not the biggest fan of the name
  3. It is to come out this fall literally 7 months
  4. My hype meter is literally off the charts for this, haha.

    I can't wait to experience all the fun new stuff! :p
  5. Me to
    And I have a few predictions on the exclusive medal
    A wicked yokai
    Master nyada
    Or meganyan
  6. My guess is that it will be Jibakoma, since he has his own special quest in Psychic Specters. :)
  7. oh! I didn't watch the recent direct so I completely missed this announcement.

    I'm slightly confused by the general description of this- is this a side game only, or a repackaged YW2 with added content (Shinuchi update basically)?
  8. Yup, this is the localized version of Shinuchi! So it's pretty much the same game as Bony / Fleshy but with lots of new stuff. This video gives a good overview of all the new content:

  9. awesome, this video's very informative! very cool that we'll pretty much be able to finish our medalliums now, I'm looking forward to picking up where I left off on things once we get all the new content. I still have quite a bit of unfinished content from what we already have now lol
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  10. Just so you know jibakoma was list under yokai watch u prototype in Japan
  11. I got fleshy souls so since I plan to get psychic specters I might as well complete it by getting bony spirits.

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