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Whisper tribe

Discussion in 'Media Discussion' started by Komajiro3524, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone I need your advice. If Whisper was in a tribe, what would it be and why? Also what rank do you think he would be? :whispwink::wishpgrin:
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  2. Actually, Whisper already is in a tribe and has a rank. He's a member of the Slippery tribe and a C rank.
  3. Who told you? (calm voice)
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  4. Here.

    You can't actually obtain him as a usable yo-kai until Yo-kai Watch 3, which we're still going to have to wait a while to be localized.
  5. "komashocked:OH MY SWIRLS!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. I can't wait.
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  7. I think he is anoying tribe
  8. :jibrolleyes:(sarcastically) Really.
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