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What's your favorite food to eat?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BluePikmin11, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. My favorite food to indulge on once in a while would have to be Sushi, Teriyaki Beef Jerky, and Chinese Food :pc

    General favorites would have to be Pizza, Hotdogs, Rice, and family Beef Stew among others.

    And once in a very, VERY blue moon, Crab might be a possibility, in which during that moment in time I am in HEAVEN! ;<; Otherwise, fake crab will have to satiate that appetite. ;;
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  2. All of those sounds really good right now (っ˘ω˘ς ) ~~~
    Really, anything with meat sounds good right about now l o l
  3. My favorite is Japanese, I love all the tastes, all of the noodles and especially the sushi!
  4. Americanized Chinese Buffets lol
  5. I make a mean delicious indian Curry so yummy! My favorite dish that i can eat without getting sick is Spaghetti. That's two main food, i love Tacos and cupcakes. Top it off with some tasty savory apple or tomato juice or the good old v8. I'm that strange person that doesn't like cake pizza or hot-dogs or sausages. Even donuts make me feel ill.

  6. I really like mint ice cream. As far as regular meals, a good one would be of the following: ramen, tempura, pizza, bbq chicken, and veal parmesan -though not all together of course! lol :)
  7. I personally like Rice (Any kind) I guess it is just because I grew up with Rice. Seriously if you have not tried Rice you should. Any type should be fine (Like a rice-ball)
  8. My favorites are chicken, burgers, ramen, and white rice.
  9. I very much enjoy curries.
  10. Favorite Overall food: Peperoni and mushroom Pizza

    Favorite Healthy food: Rice with black or kidney beans

    Favorite Soup: Minestroni

    Favorite Hot Meal: Curry Ramen

    Favorite Dessert: Hershey Chocolate Pie

    Favorite Treat: Takoyaki
  11. As Jibanyan: Chocobars
    As Human: not sure.
  12. Sushi and rice
  13. Sushi Sushi and Sushi
  14. as komajiro : Milk as me: French fries (I do like milk in real life. )

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