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What is your favorite manga chapter right now (English)

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Manga' started by Jx (Joshua), Aug 27, 2016.

  1. The Yo-kai watch manga is pretty far in America now (Volume 5 out of 11) And I wanted to ask whats your favorite manga chapters it can be any of them. My personal favs are

    Chapter 6 (The Noko chapter): If only cause its funny and they gotta away with Nate almost getting stabbed

    Chapter 11 (The Sproink chapter) I love how they list Sproink as a Yo-kai rival

    Chapter 24 (The dianyan chapter) it has some pretty good action the jokes are well done and its funny to see Jibanyan (rank D) beat Dianyan (Rank A)

    Chapter 34 (the Illoo chapter) Because damn the scene at the end..thats all I'm gonna say.

    And another is Chapter 35 (The Frostina chapter) This chapter Makes Frostina so adorable and has some really cute and funny moments also the chapter implies that Frostina has a crush on Nate (I'm not joking about that)

    But yeah tell me what you think of the Manga and some of your fav chapters
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  2. I'm gonna have to agree with the Noko chapter. Nate was extremely lucky when that happened. XD I only read the first two mangas. Hopefully, I can find the other books.
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  3. I'm gonna say (with bias) that chapter 32 (The Robonyan chapter) is my favorite. I was wondering how the manga would handle introducing him and I kinda like that they made him a little insane at first wanting to actually Kill his past self before realizing how dumb that would be.
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  4. I really liked the happycane chapter and also the Baddinyan chapter because happycane is just like me and I liked the transformation of Nate into a rebel without a cause.
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  5. I liked the chapter in Vol. 4 where Nate fights Gargaros with Jibanyan, Whisper, and Dianyan. It was really funny and had more action than usual, plus Whisper trying to ward off Gargaros with those soy beans (I think that's what it was) had me in tears.
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  6. Oh yeah i liked that chapter as well
  7. Vol.5 everfore's chapter because beautiful hungorge(I'm so done with my spelling errors)
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