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Trade/Tips Thread

Discussion in 'Giveaway/Contest' started by Mario, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Looking for castelius 3
  2. I need three of them trying to create new team or I want sgt burly or yo kai to get dandolde or elder bloom
  3. Got some new yo Kai all yo Kai to get gilgors slurpent just need swellteir to get komashrua and I really need staticking if I'm going to get elder bloom
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  4. If you have Pandanoko, Hornaplenty, Bruff, or Skranny I can give you Everfore, Eternaa, Count Cavity, Tigappa, Damona, BLizzaria, or Cruncha. FYI, Cruncha is only for touch trade, I need him back
  5. I have an APelican or a RoboDraggie if anyone has a sailornyan to swap?
    Thanks let me know!
  6. It's been a long time since I was last here xD, anyways if anyone could touch or perma trade swelterrier for my statiking that would be pretty cool, thanks in advance.
  7. For Touch trade if needed I have: Tunatic, Statiking, Peppillion.
  8. today i bought 5 blind bags of season 1 yo kai medals and got the shogunyan medal
  9. im offering a couple good rares for sailornyan or robonyan F just add me and ill show you all of them -->3583-3685-7029

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