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The Tribes! What Tribe Did You Pick and Why?

Discussion in 'Introduce!' started by JibJab, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. I chose Shady, since it is quite a cool tribe in terms of yo-kai. If I chose another it would have been Brave, since Shogunyan is just too cool in my opinion.
  2. Charming because of Jibanyan!:jibtonge::jibtonge::jibtonge::jibtonge::jibtonge::jibtonge::wishpgrin::jibsmile:Hey! What's Whisper doing here!!!:usamad:
  3. Charming, because not only are they cute, but I love speedy characters and/or creatures in games. Plus the designs in general for the tribe are great :D
  4. Anime-exclusive yokai can be in Hagure.
  5. If you want wicked,then choose shady.
  6. Originally heartful because i thought it would suit my personality. Now brave because that quiz on uquiz gave me that.
  7. I might change it again later.
  8. I chose Charming because of Komasan. He gets nervous but tries his hardest just like me!
  9. I choose brave cause it suit my inner personality
  10. Charming because spoilerina is so cute.
  11. For me, the Brave Tribe as I'm more as a warrior in video games. Flamurice is my favorite Yo-Kai because of this.
  12. Hagure because it needs more love.
  13. Like @shura K said, I chose Brave because of my personality
  14. I chose shady because i can be a creep at times.
  15. Pretty/Charming

    I have... let say..... a super soft spot for cute things.....

    Reason why I adore Jibanyan and Komasan
  16. Eerie for sure! It's got my favorite icon, and I really like the designs of some of the Eeries.
  17. I would chose
    And Enmadaiou's tribe
  18. And mysterious because of conyan
  19. I chose Shady because I'm legit shady in real life.

    I also think in Japanese, the Shady Tribe is the Gloomy Tribe, and like with shady, I'm very gloomy in real life.
  20. I choose Slippery because I love all there.
    One of BEST yokais are in this tribe, VENOCT! And have SHADOW and LIGHT VENOCT! I just love it.
    And are too the noko, classic yokais, AAAAAAAAAA
    I just love it <3

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