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Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Merchandise' started by BluePikmin11, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Well i bought today the Yo-kai Watch...watch... And I was kinda dissapointed :( When you insert the medal it just plays the summoning song, instrumental. No "Summoning Charming" etc. And when you insert the whisper medal (because I saw that he says a line from the tv series) they replaced it with the spooky laugh and then he just says "Whisper" : P

    And I was wandering if any other European country was treated like that. Or they used the dubbed songs ? :/
  2. for the first watch whisper says "hello my coporeal friend" and his name. his summoning chant isn't there because he wasn't given a tribe until YW3. i have the american watch, which should function similarly.... i wonder if it's a regional thing? for other medals in the US version it does the "summoning... [tribe]!" followed by the summoning chant.
  3. I will upload soon a video to showcase what I mean. For example whisper in our watch says " [laugh] Whisper!" instead of "hello my coporeal friend, im whisper" like the other watches. I guess its a regional thing. Maybe they didn't want to risk and invest more money for the recording of greek lines, that's why they chose to keep some neutral 'watch sounds'.
  4. The video as I promised. I tried Jibanyan and Whisper. As you can see the "summmoning [insert tribe]" and the catchphrase is missing.
  5. how strange....is it just me or is the watch smaller than the us versions as well?
  6. I heard about this. Seems like they took out all the english words. Do other medals also not have any Summoning song lyrics and phrases?
  7. Yup every english words arent there. Except for the names. Every medal that I tried was the same, it was silly for the third medal to try Komasan from the charming tribe again :p hehe
  8. If it is the Dutch one yeah that one got that issue aswell. The German watch has german summoning songs and dub voices.
  9. The new school semester is getting closer and closer. Some retailers have plenty of Yo-Kai watch merchandise like notebooks, plastic plates and other dishwares... But Hasbro is releasing stuff in a weird way. They released the season 2-3 medals without the new medallions or the later watch models. The games from Nintendo are on the shelves at the right moment though. That's something.

    Also what about the rest of the Europe? Did season 2 started in any European Country yet?

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