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The Official Puni Puni Friend Code Sharing Thread

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Puni Puni' started by BluePikmin11, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Good luck with that and send friend request Plz answer
  2. IMG_2626.PNG How do you do this mission
  3. My friend code is 3er9hk43 i am new and i need friends
  4. Active player looking for active friends. Let"s climb the ladder.
    My puni puni code is: t7sn40dp.
  5. My puni puni code is: wa8qnjf3
  6. Hey guys, just started playing and wanna fill up my friends quickly.

    My code is: 8adkjhyb
  7. My friend and I have been playing Wibble Wobble for a long time now, and have just started PuniPuni the other day. We could use all the friends we can get. We're very active on both games.

    My code: d2jfgdze
    Her code: ushedi8b
  8. Sent a request to both!
    Hi no Shin likes this.
  9. hi. I registred my puni account. And being active my code is: vmijlzd4
  10. FC: 9nepxi3n
  11. Hi again, everyone! My roommate has become a puni player, too.
    Her code is: 6octkukk
    Thank you to all of you who have become my friend, as well! :lol:
  12. Hi, im trying to make progress in puni but spirit has been holding me back. My friend code is g9wu6bd8
  13. FC: 8xhcz6sz
  14. My friend code is 3x8tkvva
  15. My fc is qanidlc5. I am very active and I send a lot of spirit.
  16. Basher?! What's up! In case you can't tell its me Kotenpan from the Yo Kai Watch Amino!:shocked::D
  17. Just repostin my code
  18. I sent a request
  19. Add me on Puni Puni please, I'am active and send lot of spirits

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  20. 23d39yec
    Please add me, I've recently began to play~

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