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The Official Puni Puni Friend Code Sharing Thread

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Puni Puni' started by BluePikmin11, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. I just sent you a request!
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  2. thank you so much! i'll make sure to accept soon!
  3. Is the group still on Facebook?
  4. 8eve3gap

    i'm adding every code i see and i play daily so!!
  5. I'm new and I would like to make some friends. Here is my code 30co1rkc.
  6. I need more friends in PuniPuni too! My code is o3t7i97b.
  7. I'm a very active friend and send lots of spirits

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  8. My code is o3t7i97b. I need more friends. Please let me know your IGN if you send me a request so I'll know who you are and not delete your request.
  9. My IGN is Retro, I sent a request
  10. Here goes my code im very active
  11. v3w4koht
  12. Hi, my name in the game is rece225 I'm very active and I send lots of spirits so... add me i need more friends my code is e1jbv7lk
  13. I've sent friend request, all of u, my ID is e1jbv7lk please add me I need spirits xddd.
  14. kdh590r0 Is my:lol:
  15. I have two : tg7ck6w8 and 9afow8gn I send lifes every day
  16. h4kvro3d I play every day :) love ykw
  17. My code is o3t7i97b. I'm in need of more friends.
  18. My code is 5is7vdvo please add
  19. My code is lyn33w1g please add play lots.
  20. My code is above

    Also my two kids play as well

    We are a yokai watch puni puni family. We play daily. We give spirits. Friend us please. Thanks.

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