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Sailornyan for perma or touch trade

Discussion in 'Medal Swap' started by shoGUNyan27, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. I will trade/touch trade for these yokai

    Robonyan F
    Swelltier (sorry don't know how to spell XD)
    Elder Bloom
    Any Gemnyan
    Any Crank-a-kai exclusive accept for goldynayn, damona,count cavity,Arachnia,Kingmera

    thanks, my friend code is:5000-2260-7997 again thanks
    #1 shoGUNyan27, Nov 21, 2016
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2016
  2. Would you perma trade your Sailornyan for Auntie Heart or Shad Venoct
  3. I'll perma trade cruncha for robonyan f
  4. If sailornyan is level 59 or above,I can perma trade shadow Venoct. Just add me. My FC is 4098-6524-0416. My Mii name is Joshua.
  5. The one you don't know how to spell is swelterrier.
  6. I'll trade shadow venoct if sailornyan is level 91 or above. Or I can trade eyellure.
  7. I can give you robonyan f
  8. I can give you eyellure. My friend code is 4098-6524-0416
  9. Personal Mii?
  10. I'll permatrade Shadow Venoct,Tigapa,Drakunyan,Appelican or So-Sorree i've got a bunch of those. If interested let me know I'm looking for Komasan or Buchinyan (or No Sandkyu my Travellers Coins weren't nice to me)
  11. I have 2 Elder Bloom, so I'll trade one for Sailornyan. My friend code and the name of my personal mii are in my signature

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