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Online Trade & Battle - Suggestions & Etiquette

Discussion in 'Yo-kai Watch Busters' started by Lynn, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. If you want to team up with other forum users for online co-op battles feel free to drop your opinions and 3ds friend codes here. I will add to this list of suggestions over the next few days.

    Some suggestions and tips:

    ★ Don't give out real life identity information on the public forum! Stay safe!

    ☆ Remember that your 3DS can only hold up to about 100 friends. It's easy to end up reaching the friend limit during online play when people keep sending you friendship requests. Keep this in mind so you don't max out.

    ★ If someone isn't being polite or playing well, just unadd them from your friends and ignore them, no need to start an argument or fling insults. Sometimes personalities and playing styles don't match up and it's no one's fault, everything can be calm and fun even if two players don't get along.

    ☆ If you need to communicate in a trade with someone you can't chat with, one trick is to give your low rank yokai names that are actually messages to the other player! You can get a low E rank yokai in your game and name it "I need Fumin!" if you want to get Fumin in a trade. That was the other person will see the yokai and it's name during the trade. If they don't have Fumin they can put up one of their rank e yokai that is named "Sorry don't have" ... for example! It's a useful if you have no other way to contact the person you're trading with.

    Online co-op etiquette:

    ★ Refer to the chat button translation post stickied on this forum! It will help you communicate with other players! If everyone learns the buttons the game will be more fun.

    ☆ If you need to be healed during battle, make sure you are close to the healer... if the healer can't catch up to you or move around, you can't get healed!

    ★ If you're running a gambit challenge, let the leader who opened the challenge make the decision to keep going to the next room or not. If you really need to leave, use your 3ds wifi button to disconnect from the internet first, and then you can exit without interrupting the other player's progress!
  2. * try not to get too upset or start fights when someone isn't doing the best job! remember! a lot of them could just be kids or newbies! we're trying to foster a supportive environment for the fandom and community. NOT a negative and rotten one. Just like a gummi ship, this fandom runs and succeeds with smiles, not frowns. if they are having a difficult time, make suggestions and/or teach them the ropes/mechanics so they can be better the next time!
    and above all else, try to make sure everyone is having fun!
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  3. Is the Blaster app can go for online or local only?
  4. either.
  5. Really? How come I can't search for some members online ? That's weird ..
  6. Who wants this game localized for the USA?o_Oo_Oo_O:whispwink::whispwink::whispwink:
  7. Me to
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