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Looking for these Yokai

Discussion in 'Medal Swap' started by xshelbix, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Friend Code: 0405-0258-4133
    3ds and game name: shelbi
    For trade: Snartle(L69), Goldenyan, Auntie Heart(L1) Eterna(L1) Shad Venoct(L3), Siro(L1), Robonyan F(L30), Supyo(L1), Bananose(L1), Slacka-slash(L29), Tanbo(L1), Kingmera(L1) Uber Geeko(L1) Dracunyan(L1) Eyellure(L1) Gleam(L1) Flengu(L1) Walldin, Mermother(L1) Skreek(L1) Singcada(L1) Gush(L1) (Also might be able to get version exclusives just ask)
    Looking for : Swelterrier, Hornaplenty, Chilhuahua, Beelzebold, Everfore, Pandanoko, Sir Berus
    Thank you very much in advance
    Will update as I go
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  2. why do you want a manjimutt? o_O
  3. Just wondering.
  4. I needed him and his evolution for my medalliums hey can I just make a separate profile and get him from the select a coin at the beginning?
  5. Do you still need Statiking?
  6. Yes I do :)
  7. If you want to do Statiking for Robonyan F, I'm down.
    I'll send you my friend code
  8. my goal is to get one of these yokai so i can trade with you and which ones do you need
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  9. im pretty sure mangimutt can be found random wayfarer manor
  10. Hello I want tanbo and slaka slash for touch
  11. Please tell me you are on
  12. Hi do you want to trade
  13. can we plz trade
  14. Ok what do you have
  15. Tigappa uber geeko damona unikirin mermother eyellure and shadow venoct
  16. My friend code is 0834-6492-7585
  17. Are we going to trade
  18. can someone trade with me

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