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FT:Robonyan F LF: rares or crank exclusives

Discussion in 'Medal Swap' started by Ventus5403, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. i should give you startle for poofeser
  2. Sorry I haven't been on in a while but it's actually 4957-7514-3746 I messed up
  3. Okay, I added you.~
  4. What's yours
  5. 0877 - 3903 - 2296
  6. If you want we can trade Friday at 6:00pm New York/Florida time
  7. Sure, that'll work.
  8. Hey let's trade sorry I'm late
  9. Sorry I couldn't make it in time yesterday but can we do it again Monday at the same time
  10. Sure.
  11. I won't be able to make it again but let's do it tomorrow. I am very sorry for all the delays
  12. Any chance of a trade or touch trade for Sailornyan or Robonyan F? I've got Cruncha, Snartle, Frostail, Goldenyan, Damona, Unkirin, Eyeloure, Count Cavity, Arachnia, Mermother and Tanbo. They're my rarest but I've got others too.

    Thank you!
  13. I can touch Robonyan F for Tanbo.~
  14. Sounds good to me! I'm online now and my friend code is 008728869002

    Thank you
  15. Not a problem. You'll find me under the name 'Dalton'.~
    #36 TacoKart, May 12, 2017
    Last edited: May 12, 2017
  16. You're welcome. If you need any more trading done, just let me know.~
  17. I will trade a1 of each of these yo kai for robonyan f : Goldenyan cruncha and unikirin
  18. Can we just trade on Sunday or Monday

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